Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ultra Pellet Carbon - 1000ml - Compared to ROx

New high quality Ultra Pellet Carbon now available.  We have been testing this Ultra Pellet Carbon in our livestock department. Tested with fish only, inverts and corals and has performed really well. It's super clean, you barely get any dust unlike other carbons and the composition is very similar to ROX. The pellet size is slightly larger.  So you can get one of the highest purity carbons available for less money then the other brands. 

This ultra grade pellet carbon is a special high quality activated carbon with a diameter of 1mm made from selected grades of lignite and bituminous coal combined with steam activation and washing. The small size and high porosity of this activated carbon is especially effective at removing trace organic compounds and inorganic impurities from water in fine chemicals and industrial process applications.
• Excellent adsorption capacity with extremely high surface area
• Steam activated produced to the highest quality and purity
• Superior pore size and matrix capable of absorbing a wide range of organic molecule and particle sizes
• High mechanical strength with negligible loss in backwashing and reactivation
• Prewashed and processed to have very low dust content
• Packaged in one pound bag
• Complied to FDA requirement
• Ideal for use in both saltwater and freshwater

Dosing Recommendations:
We recommend utilizing this ultra carbon in a media reactor for best results, but it may also be used in a filter bag with proper maintenance.
150ml of Ultra Carbon per 100 gallons of water.
Specifications:Ultra Pellet CarbonOther Premium Carbon
Total Surface Area (m2/g)13201225
Iodine Number (mg/g):>1000>1000
Molasses Number (US):>430NA
Methylene Blue Absorption (g/100g):2424
Ball-Pen Hardness:>95>97
Particle Size:1mm.6mm
Food Chemicals Codex:PASSPASS
Moisture (AS PACKED):<2%<5%


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