Wednesday, March 25, 2015

VorTech Propeller Pump MP40wQD

Proudly bringing the cutting edge of technical innovation to the award winning Vortech pump line.
QuietDrive and the all new MP40 redefine what's possible in an aquarium circulation pump.
QuietDrive represents the next evolution of the award winning VorTech Driver.
-All new driver included with the Vortech MP10, MP40, and MP60
-6+ Available continuous operational modes
-Wave auto tune, feed mode, & night mode
-90% less motor noise*
-up to 40% more output*
-Communicates with existing WWD and "w" Ecosmart pumps
-Fully compatible with EcoSmart Live and EcoSmart Drivers
*MP40 QuietDrive compared to MP40wES
Vortech QD Small. Medium. Large
MP10QD & MP10wQD
Flow: 1500+gph (6000+lph)
Power Consumption: 8-18 Watts
Tank Range: 2.5-50+gal (9.5-190liters)
Max Glass Thickness: 0.375 inches (9.5mm)
Flow: 4500+ gph (17000+lph)
Power Consumption: 9 to 38 Watts
Tank Range: 50-500+ gal (190-1800 liters)
Max Glass Thickness: 0.75 inches (19mm)
Flow: 7500+ gal (28000+ lph)
Power Consumption: 10 to 60 Watts
Tank Range: 120-1000+ gal (450-3800 liters)
Glass Thickness Range: 0.375 - 1.00 inch (9.5-26mm)
To compliment the all new QD driver, the MP40 has been completely re-designed.
-90% less motor noise
-40% more output
-Sleek aesthetics
-Dual bearing wet side
-Increased efficiency
-Compatible with wireless EcoSmart Vortechs
-Compatible with ReefLink and EcoSmart Live
Motor Dimensions: 3" x 2.25"
Wet Side Dimensions: 3" x 3"


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The VorTech Propeller Pump MP40wQD is a revolutionary tool for aquarium enthusiasts, offering powerful water flow and quiet operation. Its customizable settings ensure optimal marine life conditions. Durable and innovative, it's a must-have for hobbyists and professionals, revolutionizing aquarium maintenance and replacing outdated pumps. New York Divorce Waiting Period

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