Monday, March 16, 2009

Hanging Arm Kit with mounting hardware for Current-USA fixtures

An Awesome Alternative
Current's new arm assembly provides a convenient way of hanging your Current-USA fixture of your aquarium system. Designed to fit flat-back stands, they are easy to install and include all of the hanging hardware. Compatible with our Sunpod, Outer Orbit HQI, SunDial HQI and Nova Extreme Pro fixtures. Designed for flat back stands, arms measure 48" tall, (44" H from the top back mounting hole) and 12" wide (from center screw hole to inside back of arm).


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"Hanging Arm Kit with Mounting Hardware for Current-USA Fixtures." Aquarium enthusiasts, rejoice! In this blog, we unravel the world of aquarium lighting solutions, specifically focusing on the versatile Hanging Arm Kit designed for Current-USA fixtures.
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