Friday, May 1, 2009

SWC Xtreme Cone 250A Protein Skimmer w/ Askoll Pump - coming this month

SWC Xtreme Cone 250A Protein Skimmer w/ Askoll Pump - another HOT Cone skimmer coming around middle of May. This cone uses the Askoll pump and can be installed in sump or external. It's the first external version of a cone we have seen hit the states.

If you want to preorder this skimmer, just mention you seen it on the BLOG and get FREE SHIPPING.


Blogger jenny said...

Very simply put, it's a device that skims mess from the top of the tank. It comes with instructions. Follow those.

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Blogger Jessica Mathew said...

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Blogger Ralphsjo said...

The eagerly anticipated SWC Xtreme Cone 250A Protein Skimmer with its high-performance Askoll Pump is set to debut this month, promising advanced protein removal and efficient water purification for aquarium enthusiasts.
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Blogger priyathivi said...

The SWC Xtreme Cone 250A Protein Skimmer stands as a high-performance filtration device designed for marine aquariums, renowned for its efficient removal of organic waste and impurities. Crafted with precision, this skimmer employs an innovative cone-shaped design and utilizes air injection to create fine bubbles, which effectively capture and eliminate protein compounds and other dissolved organic materials from the aquarium water.
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Blogger Cameron said...

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The review discusses the SWC Xtreme Cone 250A Protein Skimmer with the Askoll Pump, highlighting its key features for efficient protein removal and enhanced performance. It also shares previous experiences with SWC products and the brand's reputation, emphasizing the importance of a reliable protein skimmer in maintaining a healthy aquarium environment. If available, it provides insights into expected pricing, ensuring potential buyers are informed about the product's value in relation to its cost. The review encourages fellow aquarium enthusiasts to stay tuned for updates and consider pre-ordering or purchasing the skimmer once it becomes available. The review concludes by expressing enthusiasm and eagerness to try the SWC Xtreme Cone 250A Protein Skimmer with the Askoll Pump, leaving readers with a positive impression.

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Blogger Jose said...

I'm in the process of upgrading my aquarium setup, and this skimmer seems like a great option.
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Blogger Tara said...

SWC Xtreme Cone 250A Protein Skimmer commends its exceptional performance in maintaining water quality, ease of installation, and quiet operation. However, it suggests clearer instructions for first-time users and minor design improvements for easier maintenance to enhance the overall user experience.
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