Thursday, May 14, 2009

SWC XTREME Cone Protein Skimmer Mini S

A 1 piece seemless conical protein skimmer. There are no seems on this cone body to leak.

The ORIGINAL Xtreme protein skimmer!

Comes with an Italian made Sicce PSK-2500 pump.

An integrated removable bubble plate to help reduce turbulence within the protein skimmer.
Extra-wide necks in the design to allow for more air flow.
Wedge pipe output allows you to adjust the skimmer and have fine control of the water level.
Custom pin wheel impeller as well as an optional mesh wheel impeller. Up to 34scfh of air pull using custom pin wheel impeller and up to 45scfh using mesh wheel impellers!
These are real numbers not hyped numbers. Draws less than 25 watts of electricity per pump.Quick release neck on the collection cup - requires 1/2 inch of clearance to remove the cup.
In sump skimmers only.
Air results can vary depending on individuals’ aquarium setup.
Recommended water depth 6-10 inches.


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The SWC XTREME Cone Protein Skimmer Mini S is a type of protein skimmer used in marine and reef aquariums to remove organic waste and dissolved organic compounds from the water. Protein skimmers, also known as foam fractionators, are essential components in saltwater aquarium filtration systems.
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The SWC Xtreme Cone Protein Skimmer Mini-S is a specialized equipment designed for marine aquariums to remove organic waste and impurities. Its conical body shape improves efficiency, encouraging organic waste to rise into the collection cup. Protein skimming involves air bubbles attracting and binding with organic molecules, such as proteins and waste particles, and carrying them up into a collection cup. The Mini-S size is smaller, suitable for tanks with lower water volumes. SWC is a renowned manufacturer of aquarium equipment, including protein skimmers, known for producing high-quality skimmers for waste removal and water quality in marine aquariums. Protein skimmers are typically installed in the sump or filtration system of the aquarium, requiring a water pump to generate air bubbles and create necessary flow for skimming. Regular maintenance is essential for the skimmer's efficiency, including cleaning the collection cup, adjusting water flow, and ensuring air intake is free from blockages. When choosing a protein skimmer, consider the size of your tank, livestock type, and filtration needs, and read the manufacturer's instructions for optimal use and maintenance.south jersey flsa lawyer

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"SWC Xtreme Cone Protein Skimmer Mini-S" product, which is a protein skimmer used in marine and reef aquariums to remove organic compounds and proteins from the water. It suggests that if this product is related to aquarium equipment, it is recommended to consult aquarium supply retailers, manufacturer websites, or online aquarium communities for the most up-to-date and detailed information. The text also suggests reaching out to aquarium supply retailers, manufacturers, or online forums and communities dedicated to aquarium enthusiasts for the latest details and reviews. They may be able to provide more information and insights about this particular protein skimmer.Abogado de Lesiones Personales Virginia

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Accidente de Camionero ConductorThe Original Xtreme protein skimmer is an Italian-made pump with an integrated removable bubble plate, extra-wide necks for increased air flow efficiency, and a wedge pipe output for precise skimmer adjustment and water level control. It features a custom pinwheel impeller and an optional mesh wheel impeller for versatility. With impressive air pull capabilities of up to 34scfh with the pinwheel and 45scfh with the mesh wheel, it draws less than 25 watts of electricity per pump.

November 23, 2023 at 7:56 PM  

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