Friday, July 31, 2009

IceCap August 2009 Sale - 20% off 430 & 660 VHO / T5 Ballasts

Along with the 430 model, IceCap fluorescent lamp ballasts have been the industry leader for nearly twenty years. Rugged, reliable, and efficient are just some of the many accolades for this category classic ballast. The 660 can drive all VHO, PC and T5HO lamps in any combination up to 4 lamps, with a total not exceeding 440 Watts. It is fully dimmable when driving VHO lamps, operates silently, and is fully repairable with a 3-year warranty. It is a high frequency solution for aquarium, industrial, UV, germicidal, and horticultural applications.

Now take advantage of our 20% off sale on these great ballasts.
Icecap 660 Ballast, reg $154.95 / sale price $123.96
IceCap 430 Ballast, reg $134.95 / sale price $107.96

Sale ends August 31, 2009
Premium Aquatics, Inc


Blogger orson said...

Upgrade your aquarium lighting with IceCap VHO/T5 Ballasts at unbeatable prices. Take advantage of our August 2009 Sale and save 20% on 430 & 660 models. Limited time offer!
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