Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tropic Eden Goes LIVE - new aragonite live sand

Tropic Eden's Aragonite just got better. Now available in packaged "LIVE" 10lb packages.
Aragavive Aragasnow, 10lb Live Sand
Aragavive Miniflakes 10lb Live Sand
Aragavive Reeflakes 10lb Live Sand
Aragavive Rubbly Reef 10lb Live Sand

Tropic Ede's Aragavive Live Aragonite Reef Sand
Natures Carpet for Marine Fish, Coral, and African Cichlids. Excellent as substrate for
sand bed, plenum, and refugium in reef systems, marine fish, and African cichlid aquariums.

Contains broad spectrum of bacteria found in natural coral reef sandbed, boosted with specially selected strains of symbiotic marine bacteria and microbes for complete and efficient nitrification and denitrification.
Shorten cycling time, avoid dangerous ammonia spikes.
Help maintain proper pH and biological balance.
suppress pathogenic diseases and nuisance algae.
Carefully hand collected from offshore remote islands, absolutely Tropical Ocean Clean! No rinsing required!
Picked and packed immediately in this special blue tray to ensure minimal disturbance to sandbed fauna.
Special low pressure packed and naturally preserved for Maximum Vitality and Freshness!
Promote healthy microcosm like the natural coral reef!

Grain Sizes:
Tropic Eden Aragasnow: .5mm
Tropic Eden Miniflakes: 2mm
Tropic Eden Reefflakes: 3.5mm
Tropic Eden RubyReef : Mixed Grain Sizes


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