Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Premium German 1-2 Glue

Premium Aquatics exclusive 1-2 Silicone Glue.

Made in Germany. This is a high quality 2 part glue. Just knead together approx 20 seconds, other 60 seconds to work it on the area needing glue, then another 60 seconds to SET and HOLD. This product will be almost rock solid basically in 2 minutes. So plan your work before you start kneading.

component A: (grey) platinum (#CAS-#Nr.: 7440- 06-4): 0,004%
component B: (orange) #Polymethylhydrogensiloxane: 1,2%

The product is 100% stable and can be stored indefinitely at room temperature. It is non-water soluble and non bio degradable with a flash point of over 400 Celsius.

Use as directed. Latex gloves recommended.
After contact with the skin with, wash hands with soap and water.
If accidental contacts with eyes, immediately rinse eyes with clean water. Call doctor is symptoms worsen.
Do not eat or swallow product.


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