Thursday, May 13, 2010

Brightwell Aquatics Cuprion - Stabilized Ionic Copper Solution

• For use by experienced, qualified professional aquarists only.
• Ionic, non-chelated copper solution.
• 1 drop per gallon of water increases free copper concentration by ~0.20 ppm.
• For use in fish-only aquaria.
• Not for use with scaleless fish.
• Not for use in aquaria housing live plants or invertebrates.
• Consult an appropriate reference source for the use of ionic copper solutions in aquaria before use.

Instructions and Guidelines: CUPRION has been formulated to increase the concentration of ionic copper by 0.20 ppm for each drop administered to 1 US-gallon of water. It is expressly meant for use by qualified professional aquarists with a firm understanding of the manner in which ionic copper solutions are employed in aquatic systems, and who have considerable actual experience in doing so; CUPRION is not meant for use by recreational aquarists. Caution: For use by professional quarists only. Keep out of reach of children. Not for fish meant for human consumption. Guaranteed Analysis: Copper (min) 15,140 ppm. Ingredients: Purified water, copper sulfate, stabilizing agents


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