Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Coralvue T5 / LED Hoods in STOCK

Just arrived is Coralvue's new T5 / LED hood.

CoralVue T5 Hood with LEDs
Not sure on LED's yet? Coralvue is offering a combo hood for those of you not ready to switch to LED technology yet. These hoods are offered in 4 and 6 bulb T5 configurations with super power LED's running down the center of the hood. So not only do you get a nice quality T5 hood, you get strong LED to provide additional blue supplements to the tank and add shimmer effect to the water. The LED’s are dimmable from the manual control knob on top of the fixture.

Picture Gallery (click on photo to open larger image) NOTE: Pictures are of various models, sizes and configurations to show quality and detail only. See product item code and name for actual size and layout.

Reflector Material: 95% Germany Alanod Mirror Finish Aluminum. Worlds finest mirror finish metal manufacturer.
Reflector Design: Individual parabollic spider bent reflectors under each T5 lamp.
Ballast: Microprocessor controlled ballast allows for 40% more extended bulb life over magnetic and IC Solid State powered T5 ballast.
LED Supplement/Moonlight: 10pcs of dimmable controlled 1 watt LED's for added florescence of marine animals or moonlight phase for coral and fish spawning.
Enclosure: Extruded 3/16" aluminum with automotive grade high gloss painted finish.
Brackets: Full free hanging hardware system with easy height adjustment settings. 360° Rotatable fixture mount for easy access during maintenance. Adjustable height mounting legs to help with coral acclimation.
Available sizes: 4 bulbs x24watt/39 watt /54watt and 6 bulbs x24 watt/39 watt/54watt
Bulbs: All fixture models come with Coralvue T5 bulbs in 11000K and 450nm Deep Ocean Blue.


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