Wednesday, July 28, 2010

D-D Nanoscope

Use your Digital Camera with the Nanoscope to create some stunning images or just view for personal pleasure.

The new D-D NanoScope makes it easy to view corals, coral pests and small benthic marine creatures.
The modern reef aquarium is an enclosed ecosystem in miniature that with good husbandry replicates a natural coral reef environment and as such ‘lives’. Many of the life forms that call our reef tanks home are far too small to see with the naked eye and often go unnoticed. The NanoScope allows the hobbyist to venture into this hidden world and observe tiny marine creatures and natural feeding behaviors of corals. This can give better understanding of long term coral care and how micro fauna can influence the over all health of our systems. Use the camera on your mobile phone as shown in the picture to achieve stunning images and video of the world within. The Nanoscope is supplies in a hard presentation case and includes a flexible tripod which fastens to the front of the glass with a sucker. Up to 48 x magnification.
D-D Nanoscope
Price: $99.99


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