Monday, July 26, 2010

Ecoxotic Cannon 50 watt LED Pendant

Endangering Metal Halides

Cannon LED Pendants

What do aquarists dream of? Being able to replace their metal halides with a cooler, more energy efficient lighting solution. The Cannon LED aquarium pendant makes this a reality. Emitting a bold, crisp and vivid light, metal halides have been put on the endangered species list.

Compact and powerful, the single, high-density LED multi-chip coupled with polished reflector produces an intense, sharp beam of light penetrating water more effectively than metal halides. Packaged inside an IP65 rated circular module with glass lens - makes them ideal for harsh aquatic environment. Whether you have a deep aquarium at home or manage a large shark exhibit at work - the Cannon LED pendant provides a viable lighting alternative to those old school halides.

Each pendant features a 50 watt multi-chip LED, integrated driver, polished aluminum reflector, glass lens, and an adjustable hanging kit. Available in 12,000K White and 453nm Blue.

- ED’s last up to 50,000 hours
- 12000K White or 453nm Blue
- Superior penetration compared to halides
- IP65 rated for outdoor use
- Polished 100 degree reflector
- Quiet – no cooling fan
- Highly energy efficient
- No lamps containing mercury Hg
- Long lifespan – no replacement lamps
- No heavy ballasts – uses integrated LED driver
- RoHS compliant
- Constructed of highly recyclable material

What is included?
1, LED pendant w/integrated driver
1, Hanging kit w/hardware

-Color spectrum: 12,000K White or 453nm Blue
- LED Chip: 1 – High Density 50watt Edistar multi-chip
- Dimensions: 8” H x 6” Dia. (203.2mmx153mm)
- Power cord: 144” (365.76cm)
- Input Voltage: 100-230V
- Watts consumed: 60w
- LED driver: UL/cUL/CE Approved

Ecoxotic Cannon 50 watt LED Pendant, 12,000K with Hanging Kit...more info.
Price: $521.55

Ecoxotic Cannon 50 watt LED Pendant, 453nm Blue with Hanging Kit...more info.
Price: $521.55


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