Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Line of Pumps: SICCE!

The SICCE line of pumps are now available and in stock, grab yours today!

Synchronized pumps
• Synchronizes the impeller with the windings, so no dead spots
• Makes them quieter
• More efficient
• Cooler running
• Can work with all wave makers with no issues
Advanced technology
Sicce makes their products the most stable and reliable in the industry
• Makes them less expensive to run
• Prevents release of excess heat into the aquarium
• Gives customers high quality and dependable products
• Makes our products more energy efficient
• In less than one year our pumps can re-coop the extra cost in electricity savings
• Quiet running pumps!
We use a green resin to make our pumps
Green resin costs more, but can withstand up to 40 degrees higher temperature
This is above the shutoff point required by UL, so heat does not damage the pump or impeller
Consumers are demanding affordable, environmentally friendly products that meet green standards. At SICCE, we listen. Our cutting edge Synchronous Motor Technology (SMT) addresses your concerns. For decades, SICCE’s top engineers have lead the industry in developing green products that perform far beyond expectations and save money in electrical consumption. SICCE spends millions of dollars in research and development every year to develop not only new products, but to push the Power Factor and performance of our existing products. If you’re creating a reflection of nature in your aquarium or garden,
choose the pumps engineered to work with the environment. Learn more about Power Factor and how our pumps are better for the environment and pay for themselves in energy savings.

Sicce Pumps
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