Friday, February 24, 2012

Finnex MAX-300 Digital Temperature Controller

Finnex MAX-300

Digital Temperature Controller
- LED Heating Indicator and Current Temperature Thermometer
- Over Heating Protection + Memory
- Monitors Heaters < 300 Watts.

Over heating heaters is a hobbyist nightmare. To protect your aquarium investment and live stock, this heater controller is a must. The digital controller maintains your heater within a safe temperature providing a healthy and stable temperature for your aquarium. Automatic shut off over heat protection will alert its internal sound alarm and cease the heating process. A temperature probe is included to ensure a more accurate aquarium temperature reading. The three prong power receptacle works well with other compatible heating elements equal to or less than 300 Watts. Add a controller for double heating protection! If power is interrupted a memory chip is incorporated to resume users preset temperature once power resumes. Rest assured with the Finnex MAX-300 heater controller.

Finnex MAX-300 Digital Temperature Controller...more info.
Price: $19.99


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