Thursday, July 5, 2012

Aquatronica Aquarium Controllers

The Aquatronica AQUARIUM CONTROLLER SYSTEM is an easy to use electronic system, which is capable of managing all of the electric utilities, as well as monitor numerous parameters and chemical values of an aquarium; it can be used for either freshwater or salt water aquariums, or even for both at the same time.
The heart of the system is the “Control Unit”: this controls all of the interfaces which are used for reading the chemical values of an aquarium as well as all the other accessories connected to the system.
What makes the Aquarium Controller System so unique is its ability to be set up to meet any requirements the user may have. In fact, Aquatronica offers a complete range of products to create a comprehensive and versatile system; by starting with the basic components (Control Unit, Power Unit and temperature sensor) the user can expand the system with Aquatronica interfaces and accessories to meet their own particular needs.
Up to 10 power units can be connected together.


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