Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ecoxotic Panorama Marine LED

The Panorama Marine is not just another aquarium lighting fixture, it’s an eco-friendly, LED lighting solution uniquely designed to transform your aquarium into visual inspiration. Gone are the days of unsightly, heavy light fixtures, annual lamp replacements and noisy fans. Prepare for intense shimmer, amazing color and endless mood setting possibilities.

Ecoxotic 24" Panorama Marine LED...more info.$198.55
Ecoxotic 24" Panorama Actinic Blue LED...more info.$189.05
Ecoxotic 36" Panorama Marine LED...more info.$246.05
Ecoxotic 36" Panorama Actinic Blue LED...more info.$236.55
Ecoxotic 48" Panorama Marine LED...more info.$293.55
Ecoxotic 48" Panorama Actinic Blue LED...more info.$284.05


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