Thursday, May 14, 2015

Eshopps 3rd Generation Refugium

The 3rd Generation Refugium features innovative design with dual water channel for an enhanced natural aquarium filtration. It features two separate water chambers, one for the refugium and one for skimmer chamber. This unique design enables the water travel through each compartment separately after entering the sump. The advantage of having two separated water channels is the undissolved organic waste can be removed by a protein skimmer, while having a completely separated refugium compartment that allows macro-algae to uptake ammonia, nitrates, and other unwanted nutrients. With Eshopps unique Channel Design (ECD, Patent Pending), you will have a natural filtration system which helps reduce problems concerning overgrown algae or cyanobacteria.
Eshopps Channel Design (ECD, Patent Pending)-Dual Water Channel
- Large Skimmer Compartment & Viewable Refugium in Front
- Float Valve
- Easy Removal of Micron Bag
- Quiet Operation


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The Eshopps 3rd Generation Refugium is a fantastic addition to any aquarium setup. Its sleek design and advanced features make it a must-have for hobbyists looking to optimize their memory board computer performance.

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The Eshopps 3rd Generation Refugium is a game-changer for aquarium enthusiasts, offering advanced features and design for optimal filtration. Elevate your aquatic experience with this innovative and efficient refugium system, providing a thriving environment for your marine life.||New Jersey Careless Driving Statute||Monmouth County Reckless Driving Attorney

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