Thursday, January 11, 2018

Maxspect Razor X LEDs

Lightweight Architectural Grade Aluminum Alloy Frame
    Aerodynamic Passive Cooling Design
    On-Board Advanced Controller with LED Display
    Wireless Controllability with iOS and Android Devices*
    Connect and Control up to 32 RSX Fixtures
    Enhances Coral Growth & Coloration
    Utilizes the 410/420nm Spectrum
    4 Programmable Color Channels
    Mimic Nature from Dawn to Dusk
    Includes Tank-top Mounting Legs
    Utilizes Cree XLamp, XT-E & XP-E LED chips
    Neptune Systems Apex Controller IOTA Ready**

Limitless Spectral Combinations to Fit Your Tank’s Needs
Built with a aerodynamic body, the Razor X LED Lighting System is designed to seamlessly merge into your living area with elegance and style. The Razor X is an all-in-one LED system utilizing the latest in LED technology, including Cree XT-E and XP-E high intensity LED chips distributed in 4 different channels, offering impressive performance and versatility.

Built-in ControllerThere’s no need to buy an additional controller just to be able to use your aquarium lighting, the Maxspect Razor X has control built-in. The built-in controller integrated in the Razor X features an OLED monitor and a control dial, from which user can easily set up all the functions for the fixture.
Standard or Master/Slave Mode

2 or more Razor X fixtures can be connected together through the Master/Slave mode to control them simultaneously - all Slave fixtures will follow the settings programmed on the Master fixture, saving time and effort on setting up multiple fixtures.
Control with iOS or Android Devices (Optional)

The Razor X can be wirelessly connected to a Maxspect Connect ICV6 controller (sold separately), which allows the Razor X fixture(s) to be controlled by iOS or Android devices through the Syna-G app.
Enhanced Growth and Coloration

The Razor X Lighting system is designed to provide all ranges of color spectrum required by corals and plants to enhance their growth rate, improve their coloration and at the same time giving your aquarium the most aesthetically pleasing combination of colors. The Razor X will meet the requirements of even the most sophisticated group of marine, reef and freshwater hobbyists.
410nm/420nm Super Actinic

The Razor X Lighting system utilizes the 410/420nm Super Actinic LED chips, the spectrum that's crucial for the success of any reef and water plant aquariums as it is required by Chlorophyll A for photosynthesis, where absorption peaks at 412nm.
Built-in Temperature Control System
The Razor X Lighting system deploys an ingenious aerodynamic design which draws cool air from underneath the fixture, through its body which also serves as a large heat sink, to dissipate heat passively. Equipped with fans to regulate fixture temperatures in enclosed environments. The fan(s) will be automatically engaged when the temperature is above 55°C/131°F, and disengage when it is below 45°C/113° F.


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