Monday, March 23, 2009

Vertex Puratek 100gpd RO/DI

We have received our first shipment of Vertex Puratek 100gpd RO/Di systems just a few weeks ago. Initial reviews of these systems have been excellent. The incorporated booster pump greatly increases the efficiency of the cellulose membrane, thus increasing the product water to waste water ratio to your benefit. At only $299 for a booster pump fitted 100gpd unit, these are a real steal!


Blogger John said...

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Blogger Daniel Lisa said...

Vertex Puratek 100gpd RO/DI is an easy-to-carry and install water purifying system. Where global warming is affecting the environment, It also causes water contamination. So drinking pure water is necessary to be healthy. Instead of installing a vertex pump, We have placed a water dispenser in our company of academic writing. As offering dissertation writing services, many people visit our office for meetings. It is easy for them to drink pure water on hot days.

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Blogger johns said...

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Blogger Thomson said...

The Vertex Puratek 100gpd RO/DI (Reverse Osmosis/Deionization) system is a high-quality water purification system designed for aquarium enthusiasts, laboratory use, and other applications where ultra-pure water is essential. It boasts a robust 100-gallon-per-day production rate, ensuring a steady supply of purified water. The RO/DI process effectively removes impurities, including minerals, chlorine, and contaminants, producing water with high purity levels. This system is typically easy to install and maintain, making it a popular choice among those seeking top-notch water quality for their specific needs. For aquarium hobbyists, it helps create an optimal environment for aquatic life.
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