Friday, May 15, 2009

Sybon Lab Grade pH Probe

Multi-Purpose combination pH electrode

~Gel filled ref. Ag/AgCl
~BNC quick connection
~Dual ceramic junctions

~Accurate and fast response for measuring pH value 0-14
~Built for exceptional durability and continuous testing
~Made with #1 analytical grade chemicals and lab grad materials
~Anti-interference shielded cable for stable and reliable readings
~Universal compatibility to most conventional pH meters
~Easy and Convenient to use

Sybon OSMO-CHEK Series combination pH electrode is designed and built to exacting standards. Every unit has been tested for response time, slope, Eo, isolation and drift. The electrodes are light weight, sturdy, and durable, suitable for a wide range of applications from the general laboratories, to hydroponics, food processing, fermentation, as well as freshwater and marine aquarium testing. You can count on your OSMO-CHEK pH electrodes for reliable and accurate measurements.

All OSMO-CHEK Series pH electrods are equipped with high interference suppression shielded and coaxial cable for stability. Special dual ceramic junctions ensure fast readings. Each electrode is kept in a soaker bottle with standardized KCI solution to ensure optimal performance out of the box without conditioning.


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