Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ocean Nutrition Nano Reef Coral FOOD 10g

Ocean Nutrition Nano Reef Coral FOOD 10g
Microencapsulated formulated food with probiotic bacteria: • Very high HUFA content and DHA/EPA ratio.• With probiotic bacteria as a safeguard in case of overfeeding.• Microcapsules manufactured using the most advanced food process technologies.• Excellent free flowing characteristics. Does not cloud the water.• Contains a wide range of particle sizes from 30µm to 150µm.• Ideal food for corals with small polyps and soft corals.• Easy to use by dispersing the product in the water, or for target feeding.


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Ocean Nutrition Nano Reef Coral Food in a convenient 10g size is a specialized nutrition solution for small reef environments. This premium formula is designed to meet the dietary needs of corals in nano reef tanks, providing essential nutrients for their growth and vibrancy. The compact packaging ensures precise dosing, preventing overfeeding and maintaining water quality.

With a focus on promoting coloration and overall health, this coral food is crafted with a blend of high-quality ingredients to mimic the natural diet of reef organisms. lawyer for contract dispute

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