Thursday, May 21, 2009


Fiji Mud & Gold now available through Premium Aquatics.

Fiji Mud is collected from rare mud patches, discovered by science years ago, which are found in clear uncontaminated seawater. These patches typically occur at 40 - 50 feet of cool, clear water just off the coral reef.Fiji Mud is unique in its ability to release essential minerals and vital nutrients that will allow hard and soft corals to flourish whether you are starting a new refugium or topping up your existing one. This product contains all the major and minor trace elements as they naturally occur as well as an elaborate network of 5 - 100 micron size organisms that are critical for the success with Acropora and other small polyp stony corals.Fiji Mud is available in two sizes. The Refugium Booster is 24 oz. net weight and the Refugium Starter tub is approximately 12 lbs. net weight.
Fiji Gold Coral and Live Rock Supplement is 100% natural calcium derived from seawater and coral reef substrate. None of the natural resources utilized in this product are derived from living coral. This product can be used effectively to raise calcium, alkalinity, an pH levels in your aquarium. Fiji Gold Coral and Live Rock Supplement is beneficial to all organisms especially those that excrete calcium from their exoskeleton or utilize calcification as part of their physiological process. This product will also rapidly increase the growth of coralline algae on your life rock. Fiji Gold Coral and Live Rock Supplement contains calcium, magnesium and all major and minor trace minerals in their natural quantities and molecular structure to benefit invertebrates and fish. Because the minerals are in their natural state absolutely no waste or harmful build up of unused minerals will accumulate in your aquarium.


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