Thursday, June 18, 2009

ZooMed PowerSweep Powerheads

Zoo Med's Power Sweep powerheads are the first and only rotating powerheads on the market. With a full 60 degree of rotation the Power Sweep replicates natural water currents without the expense of a wave maker. The Power Sweep is fully submersible and can be used alone or in conjunction with an under gravel filter system. They are also cUL listed. Additional Information:
ZM-PS-10 ZooMed PowerSweep 212 (125 GPH) UL Listed
ZM-PS-20 ZooMed PowerSweep 214 (160 GPH) UL Listed
ZM-PS-40 ZooMed PowerSweep 228 (270 GPH) UL Listed
ZM-PS-30 ZooMed PowerSweep 226 (190 GPH) UL Listed


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