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The Co2 Scrubber Kit - NEW


Does This Look Familiar?
Calcium Alkalinity PH
420 mg/l 11 dKH 7.81

Raise pH without chemical additives.
Raises pH an average of .05 to .23 points and keeps it there.
Dramatically increases skimmer production.
Easily connects to the air input hose on any Protein Skimmer.
Stays dry. NO contact with tank water. Does not adversely affect alkalinity,
calcium levels, or any other water properties.
Media lasts 1 - 3 months, depending upon skimmer air volume.
Color changing media indicates when cartridge needs replacing.
Product Brochure
Installation Manual


CO2 Scrubber FAQ

How does the CO2 SCRUBBER work?
While Skimmers raise oxygen levels, they also raise carbon dioxide levels. CO2
accumulates in marine and reef aquariums at higher than ambient levels, causing
a drop in pH. The CO2 SCRUBBER removes carbon dioxide from the air drawn by the
skimmer, lowering CO2 levels in the aquarium water. As a result, the pH rises
and stabilizes naturally at a new higher level.

Will it work with my model/brand of protein skimmer?
The CO2 SCRUBBER comes with all fittings and tubing necessary to connect to
protein skimmers with either 1/4-inch or 3/8-inch suction hose. The unit is
rated for skimmers that draw up to 2000 lpm (liters per minute) of air. If you
skimmer draws over 2000 lpm, you can gang 2 scrubber units together. You can
also gang two units together on smaller skimmers to double the time between
media replacement.

How does it raise my protein skimmer production?
By removing CO2 and conditioning the air entering the skimmer, you will
experience a rise in the amount of skimmate or "gunk" in your skimmer cup. The
benefit is lower nutrient levels (nitrates, phosphates, DOC) which fuels film
and hair algae.

Will it slow down the air intake of my skimmer?
No. The grain size of the media is large enough to allow air to pass freely
through it. It won't affect the venturi suction on either needle-wheel or pure
venturi style skimmers.

How do I install it?
The CO2 SCRUBBER requires a Protein Skimmer. It connects to the air intake hose
on any needle-wheel or venturi style skimmer. It can also be used on air-driven
skimmers by connecting an air pump to the unit.

How can I test for excess CO2 levels?
CO2 test kits for freshwater will not work in saltwater, because of high
carbonates and bicarbonate salts which will distort the readings. A simple test
for excess CO2 is to put a half-gallon of tank water in a bucket. Put the bucket
outside or near an open window and using a small air pump, aerate the water
vigorously for 24 hours. Now compare the pH of the aquarium water to the water
in the bucket. If the water in the bucket has a higher pH, you have excess CO2.

Isn't some Carbon Dioxide necessary in the aquarium?
The CO2 SCRUBBER does not remove carbon dioxide from the aquarium. It prevents
excess CO2 from accumulating in the tank water. Low levels of CO2 are always
present in the aquarium. John Tullock (in Natural Reef Aquariums) recommends
that carbon dioxide levels be kept below 2.0 mg/l in order prevent excess algae
and harm to the livestock.

How much will my pH go up?
This depends on the environment of the aquarium. Offices and homes with central
air and heating where windows are not opened very frequently will see a sharp
rise in pH. On the average, you can expect a .05 to .23 increase in pH depending
upon conditions.

Does the CO2 SCRUBBER add chemicals to the water?
No. The CO2 SCRUBBER stays dry and is never in contact with the aquarium water.

How long does the CO2 media last?
This depends on the size of the skimmer and the amount of air being drawn. The
lifetime of the media is about twice that of Activated Carbon. You can expect
the media to last from 1 - 3 months in most applications. Even longer for
smaller skimmers.

Does it affect Calcium/Magnesium/Alkalinity levels?
The CO2 SCRUBBER will not raise alkalinity levels. However, if you regularly use
carbonate buffers to raise alkalinity, the CO2 SCRUBBER will make these
additives work harder. You may find that you can use less alkalinity buffers.
There is no affect on calcium or magnesium levels.

How do I know when to change the CO2 media?
The CO2 media has a color indicator that causes it to change color as it gets
exhausted. It is important to understand that unlike color-changing RO/DI Resins
that change color when exhausted, the CO2 media changes color during its entire
lifecycle. It starts out a white color and will turn a pale blue fairly quickly.
The media will continue to change to a dark blue/purple color as it approaches
the end of its useful life. If you have a pH controller or pH test kit, you can
also monitor pH levels and replace the cartridge when the pH drops.

Can I run tank water through the unit?
No. The CO2 media must be kept dry and used only with air. Running aquarium
water through it will ruin the media and may cause harm to your livestock.

Will my pH levels still drop at night?
Yes. Carbon dioxide is created in the aquarium by algae and organisms during the
night. However, the drop in pH will be relative to your new higher levels, so
the drop will not be as significant.

Does the CO2 SCRUBBER need to be kept upright?
No. You can mount it horizontally, vertically, or in any orientation. The unit
should be mounted at or above the skimmer air intake hose to prevent back
siphoning when the skimmer is unplugged or loses power.

Can I recharge the CO2 media?
No. When CO2 is absorbed by the media it chemically changes and cannot be

Is the CO2 media hazardous?
No, it is rated non-Hazmat. Old cartridges may be safely disposed of with
household trash.
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