Thursday, December 3, 2009

ESV B­Ionic Seawater System - a truly unique salt mix

A unique solution to many of the problems associated with all dry synthetic seawater blends.

All dry blends may not be homogenous resulting in considerable chemical variations not only from batch to batch but also from within the same container. Aggravating this further, humidity contamination during storage can result in localized precipitation reactions.

B-Ionic Seawater System avoids these problems by providing the two dominant salts in our formulation in separate containers. All other major, minor, and trace elements are pre-dissolved in a highly concentrated two component liquid system. These dry and liquid components can easily be measured for any size batch of synthetic seawater.

It is now recognized that most reagent grade salts can contain contaminants (trace metals, etc.) at levels which may inhibit the growth of some algae species from low nutrient environments (oligotrophic) such as coral reefs.

B-Ionic Seawater System addresses this issue by providing ultra-low heavy metal Sodium Chloride (max. allowable less than half max. allowable for reagent grade sodium chloride) and USP grade Magnesium Sulfate as the dry components of the system. In addition, all other chemicals pre-dissolved in our liquid components are subject to our three phase purification process resulting in significant lowering of contaminants, including phosphate.

Many all dry blends take excessive time to completely dissolve. Addition of newly mixed batches to the aquarium can cause irritation to inhabitants upon exposure to non-dissolved salt micro-particles.

B-Ionic Seawater System avoids this problem by providing all of the slower dissolving ingredients in a pre-dissolved solution form. Batches can be used within 10 minutes of preparation with no adverse effects providing initial RO and/or DI water contains sufficient dissolved oxygen.

B-IONIC SEAWATER PARAMETERS (@ 34 ppt salinity):
450 ppm Calcium • 3.25 meq/L Alkalinity • 1400 ppm Magnesium Formulated, Manufactured and Packaged at ESV's facility in the USA.

B­Ionic Seawater System 50 gal. unit

B­Ionic Seawater System 200 gal. unit


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