Thursday, December 10, 2009

IceCap's LED Array - coming Dec 2009

Now accepting Pre-Orders for IceCap's NEW 470 nm Blue LED’s Array Retro kits.

The LED tubes have the same look of a standard T5 tube, but they are powered by a low voltage transformer, not a fluorescent ballast. The T5 form provides a very even spread of the light over the entire aquarium. Encasing the LED's inside a T5-style tube protects them and their circuit boards from the harsh, salty, humid environment that is your normal saltwater aquarium. The IceCap LED arrays also have an aluminum heat sink on the backside of the tube to dissipate what little heat they generate. These two unique features to their LED arrays protect them from the elements (salt, humidity, and heat) that destroyed other brands of LED’s.

Wait till you see what they do for your corals!

LED’s boast low energy consumption and a long life span, but Icecap knows the reason you'll want them is what they will do to the appearance of the corals. They are designed to excite the green fluorescing proteins in corals. They particularly bring out yellows, oranges, reds, and greens. If you think your corals look good under actinics, you haven't seen anything yet! Mushrooms, zoanthids, Ricordea, and most any fleshly large polyp stony corals look amazing under the LED's. This immediate and stunning glow is guaranteed to wow anyone who views your tank during the “twilight” hours and they will continue to cause fluorescence when all the lights are on.

The LED retrofits ship with mounting clips to secure the LED tubes to a canopy, commercial hood or existing fixture. The weight should not be an issue because the 2-foot unit is only 4 oz. Power connection to the LED array is a power tail with a quick connect to a low voltage power supply, no hand wiring required.


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