Monday, July 26, 2010

NEW Sybon Reef Salt - 50g Bag

Sybon Advanced Engineered Synthetic Reef Salt
Premium Grade Comprehensive Formulated Synthetic Reef Salt for the Serious Aquarists and Research Professionals. Excellent for Reef Aquarium that Houses Corals, Invertebrates and Fish! The Most Reliable Choice for Today’s Demanding Reef and Community Aquariums.

Sybon Advanced Engineered Synthetic Reef Salt - Premium Quality and Great Value for Maintaining Beautiful Aquariums. The quality of seawater is by far the most critical factor in keeping a thriving reef aquarium because coral and other marine animals perform all of their physiological functions in water. They completely depend on water to breathe, feed, grow, excrete wastes, maintain salt balance and reproduce. Seawater is a complex solution with a vast amount of over 70 chemical elements, coral vitamins and bio-essence constantly assimilated by coral and marine animals. Thus, a high quality synthetic reef salt is indispensable to keeping successful reef aquarium. With over 20 years of meticulous research and development, Sybon Advanced Engineered Synthetic Reef Salt is the most comprehensive formula that addresses all concerns unique for modern reef aquariums and is the reef salt that you can trust on.

• Perfectly Balanced Formula with Over 70 Trace Elements
• Manufactured from Pure, Pharmaceutical Grade Salts
• Enhanced pH and Alkalinity Capacity
• Proprietary Formulation and Coral Vitamins and Bio-Essence
• Novel Saturation-Recrystallization Method
• Exceptional Consistency
• Superior Clarity and Fast Dissolving
• No Phosphate, No Nitrate

Combining Advanced Marine Biochemistry Technology and Profound Expertise in Saline Chemistry, Sybon is Dedicated to Providing Reliable and Innovative Solutions to Today’s Most Demanding Reef Aquarium Needs.
Sybon Advanced Engineered Synthetic Reef Salt is scientifically researched and developed in a comprehensive formula to simulate the pristine seawater of natural coral reef environment and to address all concerns unique for modern reef aquariums. Our premium grade special reef formula salt mix contains a perfect balance of all major, minor and over 70 trace elements found in natural coral reef seawater, further enriched with a full spectrum of vitamins and bio-essentials specifically for the health of scleractinian corals. In addition, extra measures of selected elements ensure their extended availability and optimize the long term health and growth of corals, fishes and invertebrates.

Made with the Finest Pharmaceutical Grade Salts and Repeated Purification Procedures under Stringent Quality Control
Manufactured with the finest pharmaceutical grade salts using our novel proprietary method which involves multi stages of purifying, mixing and a saturation-recrystallization process, elements are evenly incorporated in every bit of salt composites. The mixture is further analyzed to assure consistency and superior quality. Thus, every batch of salt mix is as well balanced and homogeneous as it is meant to be, providing consistent and high quality seawater every time in which even the most delicate corals, especially scleractinian corals will thrive.

Excellent Solubility and Exceptional Purity
Sybon Advanced Engineered Synthetic Reef Salt dissolves sparkling clear and quickly when mixed with purified fresh water, delivering low organic carbon, pollutant free seawater that meets the demanding and exacting needs of all marine aquarists. No nitrate, phosphate, ammonia, harmful impurities or unwanted nutrients which fuel the growth of nuisance algae.

Maintains Stable pH Level and Alkalinity
For the unique and ever changing aquarium environment, Sybon’s synthetic reef salt incorporates a special proprietary buffer system that quickly stabilizes aquarium water against fluctuation and maintains a pH at around 8.2 - the optimal level for corals and marine animals, which also reduces the stress that most newly acquired corals, fishes and invertebrates suffer in acclimation. The special buffer system is also enriched with a strengthened alkalinity capacity which remains effective for prolonged period of time.

Guaranteed Quality and Freshness
In our 80,000 square feet strictly controlled facility, approximately 500 metric tons of synthetic sea salt in various formulas are freshly produced and used monthly worldwide by research institutes and public aquariums. Sybon has been one of the most reliable and outstanding choice for aquarists and professionals, and is continuing to work hand in hand with university researchers and professional aquarists to stay close to the most up-to-date technology.

Setting the Benchmark for Modern Synthetic Reef Salt
Sybon brings you the finest synthetic reef salt in the market for the serious aquarists and research professionals. Sybon Advanced Engineered Synthetic Sea Salt has raised the standard of modern synthetic reef salt.

Sybon Reef Salt - 50g Bag Price: $17.99

Sybon Reef Salt - PACKAGE PROMO Price: $49.99 - includes 3 x 50g bags and a FREE Sybon Digital Thermometer.


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