Saturday, August 14, 2010

Warner Marine ecoBAK ULNS Pellets

EcoBAK ULNS Pellets are a unique and revolutionary probiotic product that will change the way marine and reef aquariums are maintained. EcoBAK is a biodegradable polymer that serves as a stable and consistent organic Carbon food source and substrate for bacterial strains that consume organic compounds including Phosphate and Nitrate. In effect, ecoBAK reduces nuisance algae, clarifies water and supplies Planktonic bacteria as a food source for corals in the reef aquarium. EcoBAK works naturally, with NO harmful chemical additives.


The ecoBAK system requires the use of a properly sized and efficient protein skimmer to export the additional waste products produced as the ecoBAK cleans the aquarium. Ecobak should be used in a fluidized media reactor with the output directed into the same area as the protein skimmer intake.

Directions for use: Use 500ml of ecoBAK per 100 gallons of true water volume. Rinse the ecoBAK in purified fresh water. The pellets can be soaked in purified fresh water overnight to reduce floating pellets. Add the rinsed pellets into a properly sized fluidized media reactor. Attach a pump to the reactor and adjust to flow approximately 100 gph per liter of ecoBAK. The proper amount of flow will create a gentle tumbling effect inside the reactor. Direct the output of the reactor into the same area as the protein skimmer intake. Within 3-4 weeks the ecoBAK will be sufficiently colonized with bacteria to begin reducing organic compounds. Aquariums with high bio-load may experience a short period of temporary water cloudiness.

ecoBAK comes in 3 sizes.
Warner Marine ecoBAK ULNS Pellets - 250 ml Price: $19.99
Warner Marine ecoBAK ULNS Pellets - 500 ml Price: $34.99
Warner Marine ecoBAK ULNS Pellets - 1000 ml Price: $59.99


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