Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Maggie Muffler - Overflow Standpipe Silencer

Frustrated with the annoying noise as water flows into your aquarium standpipe?
Attempts have been made to solve this problem. Such as, PVC silencers which can be time consuming, messy and difficult to assemble and remove.

The "Maggie Muffler" is a quick and EASY solution to this annoying problem.

The "Maggie Muffler" is like no other silencer on the market. Our innovative patent pending design makes this the easiest and most effective silencer of the 20th Century!
- No cutting or gluing
- Can be installed in less than 30 seconds
- Easily removed for cleaning
- Innovative grid prevents snails from clogging standpipe
- Standard "Maggie Muffler" fits 1 1/2 inch standpipes

Mini Maggie Muffler for Nano Overflows $9.79

Maggie Muffler Quiet Overflow 1.5" .$18.99

Maggie Muffler Quiet Overflow 1" $18.99  


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