Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Eshopps Hang-On Skimmers Provide Excellent "Bang For The Buck"!

Looking for a nice hang-on skimmer that does not include that "nice" pricetag to go along with it? Check out the new Eshopps hang-on line of protein skimmers. With a well designed venturi, needlewheel / pinwheel hybrid impeller, and tall reaction chamber this skimmer is sure to get it done for your sumpless systems in that 15gal - 75gal size range. Performance is going to be up there with skimmers twice it's retail price. For you hobbyists who love to tinker around the impeller housing of the pump is huge, and provides an area to do a very nice mesh mod on the impeller assembly. With a mesh impeller it would not be surprising to see performance numbers and skimmate quality rivaling that of the Deltec MCE line.

Look for the larger PSK-100H to hit our shelves the first week of May!


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