Friday, May 15, 2009

CaribSea Arag-Alive Hawaiian Black, 20 lbs

CaribSea Arag-Alive!™
CaribSea has seven carefully selected Live Sand products to help you create the authentic aquatic environment of your choice. Arag-Alive!™ natural aragonite substrates are engineered for different performance characteristics, and each with it’s own unique look. All Arag-Alive!™ products help maintain the pH of natural seawater.Only CaribSea’s Arag-Alive!™ Live Sands contains not just the broad spectrum of natural marine bacteria found in the ocean, but additional specially selected strains of marine bacteria as well. Arag-Alive!™ compresses new tank cycle time and suppresses the initial ammonia spike. Arag-Alive!™ creates a natural biological balance, and makes cycling a new aquarium faster and safer. Live rocks and most invertebrates can be added immediately. Gradually introduce


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