Tuesday, January 5, 2010

AquaticLife T5 HO 6-Lamp Light Fixture w/ Lunar LEDs

Now accepting Pre-orders for AquaticLife's new 6 lamp HO fixture. They are due in middle of January.

Six-Lamp T5 HO Light Fixtures
Produce more light in a compact housing with these new six-lamp High Output light fixtures.

These AquaticLifeâ„¢ T5 HO fixtures offer 420/460 nm, 700+ nm and Lunar light in one streamlined unit.
Timer controls T5 HO Fluorescent Lamps and Lunar LED's independently
Built-in Fans keep fixtures cool and direct heat away from the aquarium
Adjustable width Aquarium Frame Mounts support fixture above the aquarium
German-made individual reflectors maximize light by directing it into the aquarium
Suspension Ports allow connection to optional cables for various mounting configurations


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