Friday, August 20, 2010

Premium Accudoser II Peristaltic Doser

Premium Accudoser II Peristaltic Doser

Perfect dosing pump for two part systems. Doses 1.5 ml per minute +/- 5%. Use your controller or a digital appliance timer that can be timed by the minute to dose it for the correct number of minutes (example: dose of 30 ml, run pump for 20 minutes a day). Get one pump for calcium and one for alkalinity, a third pump can also be used if dosing Magnesium. Uses standard airline tubing (not included). We do not suggest using this pump for auto top off systems. The flow rate is intentionally 1.5mL per minute which makes it too slow most auto top off needs. • Flow rate 1.5mL per minute

• Will not back siphon
• Super quiet
• Quad Roller design
• Made in the USA
• Replacement Santoprene roller tube readily available.

Premium Accudoser II Peristaltic Doser Price: $99.99


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