Wednesday, September 8, 2010

AlgaGen Live Foods - now available

AlgaGen is a company specializing in microalgae and its by-products.

AlgaGen LLC has been involved in a number of consulting operations that have increased production, increased quality and reduced labor. The expertise behind the offer to evaluate algal production comes from 20 years experience with production, process and overall algal culturing experience for biotechnology companies, universities, and private companies. Current clients include Florida Institute of Technology, University of Miami, Shrimp Improvement System (Florida Keys), IboChem Natural Products, University of North Carolina Wilmington, the Oceanic Institute Kona Hawaii, Florida State University Marine Lab, and Southern Cross Sea Farms,Inc.

We are now carrying 3 of there high quality products and can special order larger/custom products for you.

AlgaGen ReefPods - 100-200 count Price: $13.99

AlgaGen Decap Brine Shrimp - 8oz Price: $15.99

AlgaGen Rotifers 8 oz Price: $12.99


Blogger johnson said...

AlgaGen Live Foods will revitalize the life in your aquarium. Our premium live foods, which have been properly farmed and collected, provide the ideal nourishment for your aquatic ecosystem. Our broad assortment of live meals, from copepods to rotifers, improves the health and vitality of your marine life. Trust AlgaGen for the highest quality live meals, backed by years of experience and a dedication to your aquatic companions' well-being. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! Keep up the good job! Continue to spread the word. Please take a peek at my website.
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