Thursday, June 2, 2011

AquaUV Cash Back Rewards!

Want to receive some money? Right now when you purchase select Classic AquaUV Sterilizers, you can! AquaUV is offering an excellent summertime rebate when you purchase an Classic AquaUV brand sterilizer. The bigger the UV unit, the more money you get back! And the best part is that the money is written in the form of a check to you, no gift certificates that you have to use on the same brand or place later on! Here is a list of the awesome rebates offered through August 31, 2011:

Purchase an AquaUV Sterilizer and Get a Check
Buy the Viper 400 W UV Sterilizer & get $65.00
Buy the Classic 240 W UV Sterilizer & get $45.00
Buy the Classic 200 W UV Sterilizer & get $45.00
Buy the Classic 160 W UV Sterilizer & get $35.00
Buy the Classic 120 W UV Sterilizer & get $35.00
Buy the Classic 80 W UV Sterilizer & get $25.00
Buy the Classic 57 W UV Sterilizer & get $15.00
Buy the Classic 40 W UV Sterilizer & get $15.00
Buy the Classic 25 W UV Sterilizer & get $10.00
Buy the Classic 15 W UV Sterilizer & get $ 5.00
Buy the Classic 8 W UV Sterilizer & get $ 5.00

Please follow the link below to print off AquaUV's rebate form.

*Rebates are given from the manufacturer AquaUV, not Premium Aquatics. Offer valid from AquaUV until August 31st, 2011. For questions about the offer, or status on your rebate, please contact AquaUV at 800-454-2725. See rebate form for rules and eligibility, and as always, remember to do all your Aquatics shopping at Premium Aquatics for great service and prices!

Premium Aquatics: 317-895-9005
AquaUV Rebate Form


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