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Vertex Illumina LED Modules now in stock!

Vertex Illumina
From its beginnings, Vertex has been founded on a simple principle to deliver an unparalleled combination of form, function, and elegance to reef keeping. Our combination of relentless innovation and insatiable quality control guarantee our commitment to provide only the highest standards for every product worthy of the Vertex brand name.

From these roots have sprung the latest Vertex innovation the Vertex Illumina.

Underneath the Illumina's sleek, ultra thin exterior are the highest grade LEDs, available, providing unbelievably powerful lighting at extraordinarily low levels of energy consumption. Combining brains with beauty, the technology behind the Illumina allows for an almost endless array of programmable possibilities sunsets, sunrises, midday scenarios, weather simulations, and much more. Controlled wirelessly by the controller or your PC, the Illumina allows for the lights to be manipulated by color group, modules, auxiliary modules, and programmed custom groups, for unsurpassed levels of control.

The other secret to Illumina innovation is the Total Modular System. This revolutionary system allows for ever part of the Illumina to be easily removed and replaced without wiring or soldering. You will be able to upgrade the Vertex Illumina effortlessly to keep up with new LED releases. Removing and replacing parts can be done with a snap.

Keeping all of this equipment in pristine condition is a top priority, and it is yet another area in which the Illumina shines. The Illumina uses a Thermovap heatsink design with a high bypass airshaft exchange, central to an oversized bilateral heat sink. This technology stylishly provides the most efficient heat dispersion technology available on any LED lighting fixture, minimizing heat transfer to your system by the Illumina to levels previously thought impossible.

Designed, made & assembled by Vertex Aquaristik in-house in Austria, and coming in 1' to 6' fixtures, these units provide the highest quality yet seen in the aquarium lighting industry. Never before has an LED device been capable of growing any species of coral while generating such a small carbon footprint consuming almost less than 50% energy compared to most other methods available to illuminate a reef tank. The Illumina's power speaks for itself; its ability to overpower high Kelvin 400w MH bulbs ran on electronic ballasts can be seen by the naked eye.

With unsurpassed lighting power and unprecedented energy efficiency, the Illumina is the ultimate combination of style and substance. Hosting more features than have ever been made available in any other lighting unit and a modular system that guarantees it will continue to be an industry leader for years to come.


Model SR 300 600 900 1200 1500 1800
Footprint (LxW) 12 x 12" 24 x 12" 36 x 12" 48 x 12" 60 x 12" 72 x 12"
(at center)
1.77" 1.77" 1.77" 1.77" 1.77" 1.77"
Weight 7.1lbs 14.55lbs 22.5lbs 30.0lbs 34.17lbs 41.9lbs
LED Modules
(16 LEDs per module)
2 4 6 8 10 12
LEDs 16 Cree XP LEDs per module; 8 white, 4 blue, 4 royal blue
White = 7000k / Blue = 420nm / Royal Blue = 450nm
50,000 hour life expectancy at ≤135° core diode temp.
Auxiliary Slots 1 3 5 7 9 11
Mean Well Drivers 1 1 2 2 3 3
Fans 1 1 2 2 3 3
Wattage 80W 160W 240W 320W 400W 480W
Voltage 90-270V 90-270V 90-270V 90-270V 90-270V 90-270V
Cord Length (meter) 3m 3m 3m 3m 3m 3m
Cords 1 1 2 2 3 3
Setup Single row wire haning kit included.
Warranty 2yr 2yr 2yr 2yr 2yr 2yr

Body / Heatsink made out of Anodized extruded Aluminum.
End caps, split box and other plastic pieces made from PC.
Clear Cover made out of super clear PC rated for up to 125° C.
40W consumption per pad
One of the highest Lumen maintenance factor available; LM80.
80W per foot (300mm) / 32 LEDs per foot (300mm) / 2 modules per foot (300mm).
Available auxiliary modules for fine color tuning available in RED, Green, and UV. .
Optional Mounting Kit available.
Meanwell drivers 2 year warranty, certified, UL/ CSA /TUV/PSE/EMC/ETL/GS.
CE, EMC and RoHs Certified.
Designed by Vertex Aquaristik "Made in Austria".

Thermovap heatsink design, sleek yet most efficient in heat dispersion technology.
Wireless communication between LEDs & controller. Communication via; IEEE 811.15.4 Sensor Net.
Airshaft heatexchange design for maximum heat extraction.
Opticsfree design provides maximum coverage and ample penetration.
Does not promote irregular growth patterns in SPS corals, due to use of optics.
Totally modular, all parts are changeable by disconnecting connections, no need for wiring.
Easy to upgrade and repair due to modular design of the fixture.
Userfriendly operating program and menus.
Could be networked to other fixtures.
Only one cord exits the fixture irrelevant of fixture length.
Orange / Black, back lid LCD Controller.
Available PC software for expert mode accessed via Vlink USB stick. Communication via; IEEE 811.15.4 Sensor Net via USB stick.


LCD controller capable of demo, custom and light studio for advance color composition.
Fully controllable by LED color group, modules, auxiliary modules and programmed custom groups...
Programmable, sunrise, sunset, midday scenarios
Total weather simulation; clouds, rainy day, lightning
Expert color composition, Seamless setting implementation via Vlink.
Realtime color sampling, watch the light color composed live in front of your aquarium via Vlink.
Synaptic 29,5306 day moon cycle control via Vlink.
Multiple lighting scenario custom or preset available via Vlink.
Could be linked to Vertex Cerebra wirelessly for additional total network management.


Energy transfer via piercing contacts into integrated cables, no wiring or soldering modules.
All diodes & components in network "with each other", "within each module", "between modules" and "modules and the controller" wirelessly.
Easy to upgrade or replace modules, due to total wireless communication and unique energy distribution, no wiring or soldering modules.
Auxiliary Modules available in RED, GREEN and UV, to further fine compose your light output as desired.

Special highlights:
Capable of growing any type of corals, irrelevant of how high their demand of light.
Equivalent to high Kelvin 400W MH bulb on Eballast.
50% less energy consumption.
No spotting effect on sand, only natural shimmer effect.
EMC certified, will not affect other electronics or devices in close proximity.
Effortless upgradability.
Super sleek modern design.

Vertex Illumina
Premium Aquatics


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