Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tunze 7096 Multicontroller In Stock Now!

After filling the overwhelming demand of pre-orders for the new hot item from Tunze, we are now pleased to say that we have stock available on the shelf of the highly touted Tunze 7096 Multicontroller!

Tunze's new badboy pump controller boasts full user customization by the user through a newly integrated USB port that connects direct to your PC or Mac. Coming in at just under $165 (over $100 less than the 7095 counterpart) this is the must have item from Tunze this summer!


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The Tunze 7096 Multicontroller is now available for aquarium enthusiasts, offering advanced control for aquatic environments. This game-changer provides precision in managing essential elements for a thriving tank. The timely availability caters to those seeking efficient and reliable control solutions for their setups. Tunze's reputation for quality shines through with the 7096, making it a must-have for serious aquarists. Secure yours now to elevate your aquarium experience with state-of-the-art control.

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