Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Trigger Systems Cone Protein Skimmers

Trigger System is releasing 2 new cone skimmers. They are made here in the USA and have a really unique design. They will be officially available in about 2 weeks. They are just getting packaging wrapped up and then ready to ship.

- Recommended Water Level: 7-11"
- Footprint sensitive with pump mounted underneath
- Low profile water level adjusting valve
- Rubber feet to reduce vibration/noise
- Waste air recirculating: takes some of the smelly/humid air that leaves the skimmer and puts it back into the skimmer, cap provided if not used
- Air silencer to reduce air intake hissing noise
- Drain fitting on collection cup, cap provided if not used
- Ozone input - cap provided if not used, can be used for other filters where output is desired to be aerated or put into protein skimmer
- Water flow under skimmer is not restricted - better flow through sump
- Bubble turbulence reducing chamber

Trigger Systems Bursa Protein Skimmer...more info.
Price: $454.99

Trigger Systems Titan Protein Skimmer...more info.
Price: $598.99

Premium Aquatics, Inc
Indianapolis, IN 46203


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Getting one of these bad boys friday! :-)

September 22, 2010 at 8:52 AM  
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