Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sunlight Maristar Halide/T5 Fixtures - NEW LOWER PRICE

NEW Lower Price on Sunlight Maristar
SL-MS-3ONLY2 - 3 foot 250w
SL-MS-4ONLY2 - 4 foot 250w
SL-MS-6ONLY - 6 foot 250w

• Combination fixture HQI + T5 High Output Fluorescents
• Rust proof aluminum body
• Reef Optix® Design Reflectors for highest output in its class
• Exclusive Tek Reflector for T5 Lights increase output by over 300%
• Reflectors utilize 95% reflective German aluminum
• Major brand electronic ballast for the T5 lamps
• Lamp and power cords separate for maximum controllability
• Sleek profile only 4.25 inches high by 13.75 inches wide
• 80mm fans are quiet and cool fixture through unique design
• Adjustable stainless steel cable hanging system included
• Includes tempered UV protected glass shield
• Powder coated finish and stainless fasteners for long life
• Purchase your choice of MH & T5 lamps separately
• 1 Year Warranty

Use of tempered UV protected glass is mandatory, as glass in double—ended lamps has no UV inhibitors

#250415 Dimensions: 34.6” L x 13.75” W x 4.3” H – Purchase Blue Wave® 7 or Galaxy™ ballasts separately.
#250425 Dimensions: 46.6” L x 13.75” W x 4.3” H – Purchase Blue Wave® 7 or Galaxy™ ballasts separately.
#250435 Dimensions: 70.4” L x 13.75” W x 4.3” H – Purchase Blue Wave® 3 & 7 or Galaxy™ ballasts separately.


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