Saturday, November 21, 2009

2009 Early Thanksgiving SALE

Early Thanksgiving SALE
We were so exciting about our after thanksgiving sale that we decided to run it EARLY. As our way of saying Thank You to our online customers, we are offering a 10% off EVERY ITEM in our online store, including clearance and sale items. YOU MUST ORDER ONLINE (phone and chat orders do qualify on Mon23rd, 24th and 25th only). Just use coupon code PATURKEY10 at checkout in the coupon redemption field

Hmm, maybe we need to give back a little more? How about we also thrown in FREE GROUND SHIPPING for any order over $75 dollars, including heavy and oversized items. Don't need 75 dollars worth of merchandise, how about $5.99 ground flat rate shipping for anything under 75 dollars. Free shipping for Continental USA only. Puerto Rico & Alaska contact us, often we can use USPS flat rate boxes and work out special rates for you. International customers we recommend DHL.

LOCAL SALES - Are you one of our valued local customers or making a trip to Indy? We are having a HUGE in store sale the day after Thanksgiving, Friday 27th from 11am to 4pm and Saturday 12-3pm. It's full walk-in hours, so you can browse the livestock area and pick out your own items. We will be having sales on corals, fish and inverts. We also will have free drinks and snacks as well. If you would like to take advantage of our 10% online sale, just place your order online and schedule a local pickup. Unfortunately we can not offer the 10% products deal on the local cash register. You will be amazed at the special livestock deals we have planned for you. We hope to see you all there Friday or Saturday after Turkey day.

Online Sale is effective immediately and ends Dec 1st. 2009 Enjoy

Thank You,

the Premium Aquatics Staff
Premium Aquatics, Inc
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Indianapolis, IN 46203
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Thursday, November 19, 2009

JBJ 28gallon Nano Tank with Halides - Free Stand & Free Shipping

For a limited time, we are offering the 28g JBJ Nano Hqi tank on sale for $499.99 (reg 599), plus we are throwing in a Free Stand and FREE UPS Ground Shipping.

JBJ launches its MEGA powered 28g Nano-Cube HQ1 Reef Series. This model incorporates many high-tech features not commonly found in "All-in-One" systems.

The concept behind the 28g Nano-Cube HQ1 was inspired by hundred of reef hobbyists who requested higher-powered lighting, protein skimming, increased water circulation, a more simplified filter, storage area in the stand for chillers, and desginated water level columns in the rear chambers for heaters, refugiums, and protein skimmers.

JBJ's challenge was to offer these key features while still keeping the aesthetic appeal and contemporary look of an integrated canopy and allowing for future mod ability. The 28g Nano-Cube HQ1 - Reef Series is truly the evolution of years of experience since the original Nano-Cube Aquarium, which launched the small "All-in-One" tank market just a few years ago.

Premium Aquatics Frozen Foods now available worldwide

We are now approved to ship DryIce via DHL out of the country. So if you are an international customer in need of frozen foods, we can accommodate your needs.

Premium Aquatics, Inc
6050 East Hanna Ave #4
Indianapolis, IN 46203
317-895-9395 fax

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

JBJ TRUE TEMP Digital Heating System

JBJ introduces the TRUE TEMP digital heater controller and titanium heating system. The TRUE TEMP is the most complete heating system to date with the most advanced features that set it apart as the leading heater for professional hobbyists.

JBJ's digital microprocessor boasts amazing +/- 0.5 F accuracy, a calibration setting, indestructible titanium heating element with thermal shut off, smart memory chip, LED heating indicator, magnetic heater/probe holders, safety guard, remote temperature probe, and a large constant LED display of the current temperature.

Maintaining the correct temperature for tropical fish may be the single most important factor for a successful aquarium. Since fish do not have the ability to regulate their own body temperature, it is crucial that we can provide consistent water temperatures with minimal fluctuations.

Majority of fish cannot cope with stress from constant temperature fluctuations, which leads to a compromised immune system. This increases the probability of avoidable diseases, parasites, and bacterial infections


Don’t be fooled, some controllers still incorporate analog dials and knobs without the precision accuracy of TRUE digital controllers. JBJ's advanced microprocessor constantly reads and displays the correct temperature to a tenth of a degree with a large LED display. Easy push buttons make setting your desired temperature simple and easy.

The perfect submersible element for fresh or saltwater aquaria. Virtually indestructible with the benefits of fast heat transfer without any corrosion. Integrated thermal shut off and out of water safety mechanism.

Model Wattage Length x Diameter Power Cord Tank Size
T3-150 150 Watt 9.5" x 1.5" 6 Feet 30 - 50 G
T3-300 300 Watt 13.1" x 1.5" 6 Feet 60 - 100G
T3-500 500 Watt 13.1" x 1.5" 6 Feet 100 - 160G
T3-800 800 Watt 16.7" x 1.5" 6 Feet 160 - 260G
T3-1000 1000 Watt 16.7" x 1.5" 6 Feet 200 - 3000G

Most heaters have an integrated temperature probe within the same heating element. This can lead to false readings and premature ON/OFF cycles. The TRUE TEMP digital controller is equipped with a remote quick disconnect temperature probe that can be placed up to 5 feet away from the heating element for a comprehensive temperature measurement of the total volume of water. Quick disconnect temperature probe grants easy replacement without the need to replace the entire controller in the event it fails.

All titanium heating elements are securely placed inside our safety guards that protect you and your livestock from the heating core. JBJ's flow thru design grants continuous water contact without interruption.

Include innovative magnetic heater and temperature probe holders that replace outdated and unreliable rubber suction cups that constantly lose their hold. Easily place your heater vertically, horizontally, or at any angle you please with long lasting stability.

Have you ever noticed that majority of heaters cannot be calibrated. Often times, errors do occur during the calibration process. The ability to cross reference ensures your temperature is accurate and always correct.

An integrated smart memory chip will restore the previous temperature set point and calibration to the last stored setting once the power returns after a failure. This alleviates having to manually reset settings forever.

Item Description: TRUE TEMP TITANIUM – Heating System
Wattage: 150, 300, 500, 800, & 1000 Watt
Heating Element: Titanium
Cord Length: 6 ft
Temperature Range: 0.-99.9F
Temperature Set Point: 32-95F
Accuracy: +/- 0.5F
Cycle Point: +/- 1F
Max Load: Up to 1000 Watt Capacity
Magnetic Heater Holders: 2 sets
Magnetic Temperature Probe Holder: 1 set
Temperature Probe Length: 5 ft

Monday, November 16, 2009

Dirt Cheap PC Lamps - overstock that has to go

We have a huge overstock on RFI brand Power Compact Lamps. They are all square pin style (::). We have the following available. Prices are good until we sell out.

55 watt 10K Compact Bulb - square pin $9.99, reg $29.99
55 watt True Actinic Compact Bulb - PS $9.99, reg $29.99
55 watt 50/50 Smart Compact Bulb - square pin $9.99, reg $29.99
96 watt 10K Compact Bulb $9.99, reg $34.99
96 watt True Actinic Compact Bulb - PS $9.99, reg $34.99
96 watt Smart Lamp Compact Bulb $9.99, reg $34.99

Friday, November 13, 2009

Bubble Blaster HY-3000 Pump w/pinwheel impeller

Bring Your Extreme Skimmer to new levels with this Bubble Blaster Pump upgrade, or DIY use for other brand skimmers. This is one tough performing skimmer pump.
  • HY-3000S Bubble Blaster Skimmer Pump
  • Both Internal & External Design
  • Slip & Thread Fitting
  • Air Suction 1200-1500 L/H
  • Pin Wheel Impeller Included
  • 120 Volt / 60Hz - 40 Watts
  • Friday, November 6, 2009

    O.S.I. Fish Foods now available

    We are now carrying O.S.I. line of Saltwater & Freshwater flake, pellet and specialty foods.
    O.S.I. Marine Flake, 1.09 oz/30 g
    O.S.I. Marine Flake, 7.06 oz/200 g
    O.S.I. Spirulina Flake, 1.09 oz/30 g
    O.S.I. Spirulina Flake, 7.06 oz/200 g
    O.S.I. Brine Shrimp Flake, 1.09 oz/30 g
    O.S.I. Brine Shrimp Flake, 7.06 oz/200 g
    O.S.I. VividColor Flake, 1.09 oz/30 g
    O.S.I. VividColor Flake, 7.06 oz/200 g
    O.S.I. Freshwater Flake, 2.24 oz/63 g
    O.S.I. Cichlid Flake, 2.24 oz/63 g
    O.S.I. Artemia Food, 0.40 oz/11.5 g"
    O.S.I. Micro-Food, 0.18 oz/5 g
    O.S.I. Brine Shrimp Eggs, 0.21 oz/6 g
    O.S.I. Brine Shrimp Eggs, 3.5 oz/100 g
    O.S.I. Spirulina Pellets/Small, 3.35 oz/95 g
    O.S.I. Spirulina Pellets/Medium, 3.35 oz/95 g
    O.S.I. Spirulina Pellets/Medium, 14 oz
    O.S.I. Spirulina Pellets/Large, 3.35 oz/95 g
    O.S.I. Spirulina Pellets/Large, 12 oz/350 g
    O.S.I. Marine Pellets/Small, 3.35 oz/95 g
    O.S.I. Marine Pellets/Medium, 3.35 oz/95 g
    O.S.I. Marine Pellets/Medium, 7.4 oz/210 g
    O.S.I. Marine Pellets/Large, 3.35 oz/95 g
    O.S.I. Marine Pellets/Large, 6.69 oz
    O.S.I. Spirulina Wafer, 3.35 oz
    O.S.I. Spirulina Wafer, 6.5 oz/185 g
    O.S.I. Spirulina Nibblers, 0.53 oz/15 g
    O.S.I. Red Tiny Bits (Tiny 2 mm), 3.0 oz/85 g
    O.S.I. Red Tiny Bits (Tiny 2 mm), 6.69 oz/190 g
    O.S.I. Red Tiny Bits (Super Fine), 3.0 oz/85 g
    O.S.I. Red Tiny Bits (Super Fine), 6.69 oz/190 g

    Thursday, November 5, 2009

    NP Biopellets Solid Vodka Dosing Pellets

    NP Biopellets Solid Vodka Dosing Pellets

    NP provides a novel filtration substrate entitled NP-reducing BioPellets to the professional aquarium industry. This includes public aquaria, zoos and aquaculture facilities. This product has been developed for (professional) aquarists who want to supply their aquarium inhabitants with large quantities of feeds without negatively affecting water quality.

    The husbandry of marine species which require large amounts of nutrition has made a crucial step forward with this new product. Examples of such species are Anthias fish, soft corals such as Dendronephthya sp. and filter feeders such as sea squirts.

    How It Works
    The positive effects of NP-reducing BioPellets on water quality are based on the principle of immobilization. Waste products from the water, mainly nitrate and phosphate, are converted into bacteria. This keeps the aquarium water clean.

    NP-reducing BioPellets are composed of biologically degradable polymers that can be placed in a fluidized filter or filter canister. The pellets will allow aerobic growth of bacteria which consequently will consume nitrate and phosphate simultaneously. The bacteria will use up the carbon from the BioPellets, while nitrogen and phosphorus are taken from the water as nitrate and (ortho) phosphate. This conversion of organic BioPellets (together with inorganic nitrogen and phosphorus) into microbial biomass is called immobilization. In addition, anaerobic layers will develop, resulting in additional denitrification.

    The surplus of bacteria will be consumed by filter and suspension feeding organisms such as sponges and corals, or skimmed off by a protein skimmer. On average this “solid vodka method” takes 2-4 weeks to give rise to sufficient bacteria to allow nitrate and phosphate levels to drop. The main advantage of this method over using vodka or sugar as a carbon source is that NP-reducing BioPellets stimulate local growth of bacteria in a filter compartment, instead of all over in the aquarium where they may clog up pipes and hoses. They also prevent the growth of cyanobacteria, as the bacteria growing on NP-reducing BioPellets will compete with these phototrophic nuisance microbes. Finally, NP-reducing BioPellets will save the aquarist a lot of time, as no daily dosages of carbon are required.

    Product Guidelines
    NP-reducing Biopellets can be placed in canister filters or fluidized reactors. The latter configuration may yield better results, and prevents detritus buildup. A proper starting dosage is 0.5-1 liter of pellets per 500 liters of system volume (12,5-25 fl. oz. for every 100 USG). After about 2-4 weeks, nitrate and phosphate levels should start decreasing. For some aquaria experiencing heavy feeding, higher dosages are appropriate.

    Examples are aquaria which house large quantities of azooxanthellate corals, sponges, tunicates or large schools of Anthias fish. Dosages may be increased indefinitely, provided the aquarium water is sufficiently aerated.

    NP-reducing BioPellets are consumed by bacteria, which is why new pellets need to be added every 3-6 months to compensate for digested substrate. This can be seen during inspection of the filter. These figures however depend on aquarium conditions and are strongly influenced by feeding regimes and livestock. Taking regular measurements of both nitrate and phosphate levels in the aquarium is recommended, after which dosages may be increased or decreased.

    NP also suggests placing the outlet of the pellet filter in front of a protein skimmer, to limit the amount of bacteria entering the system. This has the additional benefit of increased gas exchange (CO2-removal and O2-addition). The pellets should never be used without sufficient aeration, as this may lead to low oxygen and pH levels, especially during night time. Proper aeration can be established with air pumps and protein skimmers.

    When heavy feeding is required, it is recommended to combine the pellets with standard phosphate adsorbents. The reason for this is that most aquarium feeds contain higher levels of phosphate than is consumed by bacteria, fish and invertebrates, when compared to nitrogen. Some phosphate adsorbents however deplete alkalinity and may reduce pH. Using phosphate adsorbent media based on iron hydroxide does not have this disadvantage.

    - Maintain sufficient water flow through the BioPellets, to prevent production of hydrogen sulfide gas.
    - The use of ozone and UV will negatively affect bacterial recruitment of the BioPellets and increase the maturation time of the filter.
    - When nitrate and phosphate are already very low before applying BioPellets, a decrease in these levels may not be detectable with standard aquarium testkits.

    Reef Interests, and Coral Publications cannot be held responsible for any loss of livestock or damages to personal property which result from misusing NP-reducing BioPellets.

    Below you can find examples of animals which can be kept alive by using NP-reducing BioPellets. Especially in combination with a phosphate reactor and strong protein skimmer, heavy bioloads are possible. When using our substrate, you can feed larger amounts of live plankton, frozen feeds or dry feeds.

    The following list includes animals which have been proven to thrive in aquaria using NP-reducing BioPellets. Note that although NP-reducing BioPellets may also serve as a bacterial food source, feeding with various types of plankton (or artificial derivatives) is required to keep these animals alive for prolonged time.

    pipefish and dragonets (Synchiropus spp., Corythoichthys schultzi)
    Anthias spp.
    All major Teleost taxa currently kept alive in aquaria

    Flame Scallops (Lima scabra)
    Tridacna spp.

    Colonial sea squirts (Neptheis fascicularis) and solitary species
    Zooxanthellate Scleractinian corals:
    Goniopora spp., Alveopora spp.
    All major Scleractinian taxa currently kept alive in aquaria

    Azooxanthellate Scleractinian corals:
    Rhizotrochus typus, Tubastrea coccinea

    Zooxanthellate Octocorals:
    All major Octocoral taxa in currently kept alive in aquaria

    Azooxanthellate Octocorals:
    Menella spp., Swiftia exserta, Dendronephthya sp.

    Comatula sp.
    Comanthina sp.
    Linckia laevigata

    Trikentrion flabelliforme
    Cryptic species as well as medium-sized macro sponges