Thursday, April 30, 2009


Check out these new pendants and reflectors from Hamilton. Hamilton has been in the lighting business for years and continues to develop new and exciting products for our industry.

BlueLife Additives section has been expanded.

BlueLife Additives section has been expanded. Ph Buffer, Kalkwasser, Garlic and Kh Buffer.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Octopus DNWB Needlewheel Recirculating Skimmer w/pump - NEW 2009 units.

Expected here May 5th.
Octopus DNWB Needlewheel Recirculating Skimmer w/pump - NEW 2009 units. New tapered neck design

Boston Aquatics Stony Coral Cutters - Black

Boston Aqua Farms black Stony Coral Cutters are designed specifically for cutting small polyp stony corals. These cutters are electroplated and more durable, made from the highest quality surgical stainless steel by one of the finest surgical tool manufacturers in the world.

Features a grippy handle for better control when wet, a high quality coiled spring (no cheap wire springs here), a handle catch for safe storage and a flatter cutting head to more easily get between coral branches. You won't find a better designed implement for cutting SPS corals.

Monday, April 27, 2009

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We'll post new additions and instant news updates on Twitter also, as well as FaceBook, search for Premium Aquatics.

That way you always know what is going on and when the newest products are available or on sale.

CoralVue's Wavepump

CoralVue's Wavepumps. Available in single and dual head units. These are not controllable.
750gph Single propeller
1250gph Single propeller
1500gph Dual propeller
3000gph Dual propeller

NEW Hikari Frozen Foods available at

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Warner Marine MR-100 Media Reactor w/pump

4" Reaction Chamber4.5" x 7.0" footprintSedra KSP-2500 pump @ 20WAdjustable Flow Valve16.5" Total Height
It's incredibly easy to use. Just twist the top to open, drop in media bags or add media with no bag to fluidize. Place in the sump and plug it in.The build quality is incredible...

Monday, April 20, 2009

ELOS E-LITE80 LED Light's now available

Now you don't have to get the entire ELOS mini tank setup to enjoy there LED lighting. We have Black or Silver LED pendant lights available for resale.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Deep Sea Aquatics 34 Gallon NEO Aquarium, Glass Sump & Black Cabinet Stand - INCLUDES FREIGHT

Deep Sea Aquatics 34 Gallon NEO Aquarium, Glass sump, and Black cabinet stand. INCLUDES FREIGHT!!

Seachem Freshwater Additives Online

We are adding several new freshwater additives from Seachem. There is a wide range of additives geared towards live plants. If anyone needs any freshwater products from Seachem that are not on the list, just let us know. We are trying to build this area to serve customers with saltwater and freshwater tanks, so they can do one stop shopping.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

SpectraPure MaxCap 2-Stage System w/ Wrench, Dual Meter

MaxCap 2-Stage System w/ Wrench, Dual Meter, etc. This is an excellent upgrade for any RO system. The 2 stage MaxCap system can save you 50% easily on DI resins.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Aquarium Systems Premium Maxi-Jet Utility Pumps

From a name you trust, Maxijet. Now avaible in a nice Utility pump, ranging from 400 to 5500 LPH. MJPU-400 MJPU-900 MJPU-1100 MJPU-1800 MJPU-3000 MJPU-4500 MJPU-5500

Monday, April 13, 2009

New Larger Koralia Controllable Pumps

Just in, larger size Controllable 12Volt Koralias. These run off Koralia 2 and 4 port wavemakers. The older 4 port model is compatible. If you have a 2 port model, currently they are not compatible without a factory upgrade.

New sizes.
Koralia 5 Controllable 12V LV 600-1900 GPH
Koralia 6 Controllable 12V LV 800-2400 GPH
Koralia 7 Controllable 12V LV 900-3100 GPH
Koralia 8 Controllable 12V LV 1100-3500 GPH
Koralia Wavemaker Controller 4-Way Deluxe

OmegaOne Pond Food

It's that time of year again. Those fish in your pond are waking up and looking for a good meal. We just got in a fresh shipment of OmegaOne Pond food, several sizes and types available. Check it out today.

Royal-Exclusiv Alpha 250 Cone Gets A Nice Surprise!

While all of us have been bouncing off the walls in excitement of receiving the Vertex / Royal-Exlucisv partnership product Alpha 250 cone skimmer, the mad scientist himself, Klaus Jansen, was secretly working on a nice little surprise for this skimmer. What could be better than the Red Dragon powered cone that pulls 38w of power and an air intake of 1500LPH? Well, how about an upgrade on that air intake to 1800LPH! Klaus Jansen, founder and owner of Royal-Exclusiv, most noted for his Bubble King line of protein skimmers, thought it would be a nice touch to throw in an extra venturi with these skimmers that is capable of pulling 300LPH more of air draw for those who are running the skimmer in heavier bioload conditions. As 1500LPH wasn't enough for this beast!

The skimmers are expected in by the end of this week. You still have time to get your pre-order in for this

1000 Pounds of Bali Alor coming in today.

We are getting in 1000 pounds of uncured Bali Alor Live rock today. It will be available to ship out uncured tuesday. If anyone is looking for cured, would be approx 2 weeks.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Resun 15000 Controllable Wave Pump

We just got in a shipment of these Resun wave pumps. They include a controller with several functions and flow rates from 500-3000 plus gph. We have a couple people using them already with good results. They seem pretty nice but keep in mind they are a BIG FOOTPRINT. They are physically larger then the Tunze Streams and other brands. SO they would make a great choice for larger tanks, but in a 90 or smaller, they will look pretty bulky.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Misbarred Black Ocellaris Clown

Check out this cool little captive bred guy we received in from Sustainable Aquatics. This is one very interesting "misbar"!

Eshopps Hang-On Skimmers Provide Excellent "Bang For The Buck"!

Looking for a nice hang-on skimmer that does not include that "nice" pricetag to go along with it? Check out the new Eshopps hang-on line of protein skimmers. With a well designed venturi, needlewheel / pinwheel hybrid impeller, and tall reaction chamber this skimmer is sure to get it done for your sumpless systems in that 15gal - 75gal size range. Performance is going to be up there with skimmers twice it's retail price. For you hobbyists who love to tinker around the impeller housing of the pump is huge, and provides an area to do a very nice mesh mod on the impeller assembly. With a mesh impeller it would not be surprising to see performance numbers and skimmate quality rivaling that of the Deltec MCE line.

Look for the larger PSK-100H to hit our shelves the first week of May!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just arrived: Rod's Reef Onyx Clownfish - tank raised

We just got another batch of Rod's Reef world famous Onyx Percula clowns. Supplies are limited.