Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Reeflo Blowhole External Water Pumps

The BlowHole TM pumps by ReeFlo feature a unique 3-speed AdjustaFlow switch that allows you to instantly choose flow rates, pressure and watt draw from three different settings. Cut the flow and watt draw in half during the night or at feeding time and then instantly switch back when desired. Very low heat transfer The BlowHole TM pumps feature a FlowThru design that prevents the water from picking up motor heat while churning inside the pump head. The BlowHole TM uses an aluminum cast motor which dissipates heat before it can reach the water. Nearly Silent Operation The BlowHole TM pumps employ graphite motor bearings to ensure the quietest operation. You will have to put your ear near it to hear it.
Blowhole BH 850 High Water Pump...more info.
Price: $149.99
Blowhole BH 1100 High Water Pump...more info.
Price: $174.99
Blowhole BH 1450 High Water Pump...more info.
Price: $199.99