Tuesday, January 31, 2012

ropic Eden Live Marine Bacterioplankton – Super Concentrated

Natural live probiotic bacterioplanktonic food specially cultured and formulated for stony/soft corals, bivalves, mollusks, mysid shrimps, artemia, rotifers, sponges, sea squirts, fanworms, sea cucumbers and other filter feeders.

Tropic Eden’s live concentrated bactoplankton is a special blend of more than 15 species of bacterioplanktons from 0.2 - 2.0 microns which ensure optimal result for a wide range of feeding requirements. It is rich in a wide range of bacterial enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, and essential micronutrients, and is the critical foundation of food source that supports many other higher life forms in the food chain of the natural coral reef.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ecoxotic Mini RGB Controller with 44 Key Remote

One Light, Any Color
New Advanced Remote Control for the Panorama Pro RGB LED Module

Panorama Pro RGB controller provides new features and flexibility to dial in almost any color spectrum. Now you can:

Create your own custom colors and store up to 6 in memory
20 preset colors
Fade between colors quickly or slowly
Increased memory for storing last color profile
Vary intensity and brightness
Turn lights on and off

Create your own custom color or instantly choose one of 20 different color spectrums with the simple touch of a button. Whether you want to add a little fuschia to your reef tank, create an aqua-blue angelfish tank, or gently fade through all the color spectrums in your jellyfish exhibit, the Panorama Pro RGB Module completely changes what you can do with aquarium lighting.
Ecoxotic Mini RGB Controller with 44 Key Remote ...more info.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

All-in-One Space Saving Bio-pellets Reactors by Coralvue

Designed with the hobbyist in mind, these all-in-one reactors are simple to setup up, saves valuable space and conserves costly energy. Powered by our energy efficient water blaster pump to provide the correct amount of feed flow for the bio-pellet media. Water is directly injected into the media chamber enhancing the pumps performance and provides even distribution of flow through the media. The water inlet /bottom chamber’s is a specially engineered structure that prevents the media from exiting the chamber and entering the pump when the power is off. A rigid sieve plate fixed on the top cover to prevent the leakage of pellets through the output of the unit. Unique in design this reactor doesn’t have a pipe in the middle of chamber making it super easy to remove the cover to refill the pellet media. The cover has four install orientations, makes it easy to be set up in your sump.
Octopus Bio Pellet Reactor 4.7" with WB1000 pump
Octopus Bio Pellet Reactor 5.9" with WB2000 pump
Octopus Bio Pellet Reactor 4.9" with WB3000 pump

Monday, January 23, 2012

Tropic Eden Sand - Now Available in Live Version

Tropic Eden Aragavive™ - Live Aragonite Reef Sand

Direction of Use: To place live sand in aquarium, turn off main circulation devices. Gently move live sand to aquarium bottom with a small shovel. Avoid rigorous agitation. Do not wash live sand. Live sand may be placed on top or embedded in existing sandbed. Let the life in live sand thrive and get to work!

• Contains broad spectrum of bacteria found in natural coral reef sandbed, boosted with specially selected strains of symbiotic marine bacteria and microbes for complete and efficient nitrification and denitification.
• Shorten cycling time, avoid dangerous ammonia strike.
• Suppress pathogenic diseases and nuisance algae!
• Carefully hand collected from offshore remote islands, absolutely Tropical Ocean Clean! No rinsing required!
• Picked and packed immediately in this special blue tray to ensure minimal disturbance to the sandbed fauna.
• Special low pressure packed and naturally preserved for Maximum Vitality and Freshness!
• Promote healthy microcosm like the natural coral reef!

Net W. 20LB / 9.1KG
Tropic Eden Live Aragasnow 20lb
Tropic Eden Live Miniflakes 20lb
Tropic Eden Live Reeflakes 20lb

Ecoxotic Inline Dimmer 12V/24V for Panorama Pro & Stunner

Inline LED Dimmer 12-24 volt
This easy-to-use inline dimmer provides surprising control in a little package. Simply plug the dimmer inline, turn the dial to the desired brightness, and experience lighting schemes you never knew existed. They offer impressive flicker-free control and provide an excellent way to adjust the intensity in different LED strips for color blending and adjustment. Great for slowly acclimating corals to high intensity LED lights or dialing down the white spectrum to make your tank more blue. It's easy, seamless and just works!

Simple to install, dimmer connects inline between the transformer and LED light using our connectable plugs. Dimming is achieved by with the slow, smooth turn of the rotary dial and can also be used as a simple on/off switch.

Dimmer is compatible with our Stunner LED strips, EcoPico LED strips, Panorama Pro LED modules and all of our splitters. Dimmer features on/off capabilities, increase/decrease intensity and has a maximum capacity is 60 watts at 24V.

Increase & Decrease Brightness
On/off control
Simple, easy installation

Dimensions: 18.2" L x 1.4" W x 1.3" D
Weight: 1.4 oz.
Cord Length: 7.8" (plug length is 1.5")
Input/Output Voltage: 5V - 24V DC
Maximum Capacity: 60 watts at 24V
Dimming: PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)
Max. Number Connectable to a Single Dimmer:
Panorama Pro Modules - 3
48" Stunner LED Strips - 2
36" Stunner LED Strips - 2
24" Stunner LED Strips - 4
12" Stunner LED Strips - 10
EcoPico LED Strips - 25

Ecoxotic Inline Dimmer 12V/24V for Panorama Pro & Stunner ...more info.
Price: $14.20

Monday, January 16, 2012

ASM Cone Protein Skimmers

New ASM Cone skimmers for internal use. Includes Sedra needle wheel pump. Designed with pump in bottom of the skimmer to save space in the sump.

ASM GC-3 Protein Cone Skimmer Price: $374.99

ASM GC-9 Protein Cone Skimmer Price: $594.99

ASM GC-15 Protein Cone Skimmer Price: $794.99

Monday, January 9, 2012

Schuber Wright Safari 4W AC blue LED clip on light

The Safari
4 Watt LED High Powered Moon Spotlight

•4 Watt AC Actinic Blue Spotlight
•Fully Adjustable to Users liking
•Innovative Sleek Design

The Safari Light fixture is an advanced add on that serves multiple functions. Add to any aquarium to give your aquarium a velvet blue moonlight effect. Spotlight the most prized corals in the aquarium and watch their flourescents vibrate.

The sleek design is both physically pleasing as well as functional. The multiple adjustable points gives users the option to set the 60 degree LED spread in the perfect position. The fixture, as well as the bulb, features a design to dissipate heat quickly. The large friendly clamp allows the fixture to be mounted on nearly all aquariums ranging from large to small.

The Award Winning blue 20,000k AC LED bulb offers superior heat dissipation and penetrates up to 75cm. The 439-457nm temperature is ideal for mollusk as well as stimulating various live stock including anemones, coral and symbiotic algea.

The fixture's extendable bar and head measures about 11.5" long combined. The mounting base can be mounted on aquarium lips up to 1.25".

The Safari 180 gives users the option of having the spotlight tilted 90 degrees or up to 180 degrees as shown in the picture above. This feature is best for users who like to spotlight longer aquariums.

The base of the Safari works well with all rimless aquariums. Standard aquariums with a rim, this unit will work well with all aquariums up to 55 gallons. Larger aquariums may need additional care to clip this unit to it's rim.

Schuber Wright Safari 4W AC blue LED clip on light ...more info.
Price: $89.99

Thursday, January 5, 2012

ATI Coral Plus T5 Lamps coming

Combines the properties of a Blue Plus (~50%) + Aquablue Special (~40%) + Purple Plus (~10%) producing a bulb with an approximate color temperature of 15000K+. Appears cool, crisp white to the eye. Recommended Use: as a stand-alone bulb or in combination with Blue Plus, Purple Plus, True Actinic or other supplemental T5 bulbs.

ATI 24W Coral Plus
Price: $19.99

ATI 39W Coral Plus
Price: $20.99

ATI 54W Coral Plus
Price: $21.99

ATI 80W Coral Plus
Price: $23.99