Wednesday, March 16, 2011

NEW Vertex Illumilux LEDs!

Now available at Premium Aquatics: Vertex Illumilux LED Strip Lights!


·One platform--multiple-functionality. Can be used as a primary or supplemental source of lighting to add shimmer and color to fresh or saltwater displays.

·Four color combinations (Cree XPE):

·Illumilux Marino Blu 50/50 Royal Blue(450nm) – Blue(470nm)
·Illumilux Marino Bianco 50/50 Royal Blue(450nm) – White(7000K)
·Illumilux Dolce Bianco All White(7000K)
·Illumilux Dolce Rosso 50/50 Red(620nm) – White(7000K)

·Vertex Illumilux are expandable, modular design allowing full user flexibility. Individual beams can be network in any shape and configuration using PCB connective fittings.
·Wireless power networking between interconnected fixtures. PCB connections supply all power and control.
·Only one power cable required to power each array (requires Vertex Splitter box).
·Sleek, attractive and durable Black Anodized Aluminum body resists corrosion while maximizing heat dispersion.
·Each beam is only 2 ¾” wide and 1⅜” thick.
·Vertex Illumilux are fully upgradable LED boards can be swapped out with no wiring or soldering.
·Optional inline 1-10v module for dimming, sunrise/sunset simulation.
·Fully compatible with the Vertex Cerebra or any other device capable of regulating 1-10v signals.
·Vertex Illumilux boast 6 Cree XPE LEDs per 300mm/1', each LED operating at 750 mA/~2.5W
·Less than 17 W of electricity consumption per foot.
·Expected LED life time 60,000 hours @ 125 degree core diode temperature (Per Manufacturer).
·Available in 90-270 V / 50-60Hz.
·Can be mounted (Tank Bracket Accessory) or suspended (Hanging Kit).
·Mean Well Drivers - 2 year warranty, certified UL/CSA/TUV/PSE/EMC/ETL/GS.
·CE, EMC and RoHs Certified.
·Designed and manufactured by Vertex Aquaristik - Made in Austria.
·Vertex Illumilux have a 2 year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Vertex Illumilux LEDs
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