Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Orphek Helix 3000 Protein Skimmer w/DC Pump + Free NR12 LED

For limited time, received a FREE NR12 LED Light with every skimmer purchase.


Orphek is proud to announce the release of their new Helix Protein Skimmer.  The Helix design vastly improves contact time in the reaction chamber while producing an enormous amount of very small micro bubbles.  The increased amount of micro bubbles results in more waste being collected per hour than any other conventional protein skimmer on the market.
This results in less space used in the sump as large bulky skimmers are not required.
The high rpm controllable DC pump with an improved needle wheel moves large volumes of bubble enriched water into the reaction chamber.This creates a high speed cylindrical water motion which increases contact time in the reaction chamber.
The helix disc creates a 360 degree turbulent flow of water in the enclosed reaction chamber.  The flow exits the helix in a spiral like fashion which creates a spinning motion thereby increasing contact time with the waste. From the reaction chamber, the waste laden bubbles rise into the cone shaped body and up into the collection cup.
The cone shaped design proportionately concentrates the froth into a smaller area to increase the efficiency of transporting the waste into the collection cup. The white base, pump and trim dictate the same purity as the water it produces.
Why is our helix skimmer better than the competition?  Because of our uniquely designedhelix discl, innovative helix thruster plate, and controllable DC pump all working seamlessly together.  This results in more and smaller bubbles coupled with a high volume water movement into the reaction chamber which allows more waste to adhere to the micro bubbles.  Our bubble plate further diffuses the bubbles and reduces turbulence of the water entering the conically shaped riser tube which helps prevent premature bubble breakage of the nutrient rich bubbles.
This innovative design would not work with a pump enclosed in the skimmer body itself so Orphek chose to mount the pump externally.  Furthermore, internal pumps are difficult to maintain without completely dismantling the skimmer.  Our design makes the pump and impeller easily accessible for maintenance.
Our unique sponge which covers the water exit holes in the drain pump silences water noise, prevents air bubbles from entering the tank, and traps larger waste particles from returning to the sump.
A new and exciting feature sure to appeal to all hobbyists is the three piece skimmer body.
One of the biggest faults with most skimmers is that the interior of the skimmer is difficult or impossible to clean due to the one piece design.  The Orphek Helix Protein Skimmer can be broke down into three pieces making interior cleaning very easy.  Removing six nylon screws allows the bottom of the skimmer to be removed and makes cleaning simplified.  This is the area where the most waste collects and cannot be easily removed in most other skimmers.
The high speed 3,000 l/h DC controllable pump with controller offers high rpm impeller speed to move more water, more quickly, and more efficiently.  With a DC pump and controller, you can now take full control of your skimmer to give you exactly the skim you’re looking for.  The pump is very energy efficient drawing only 25 watts of power at full speed and features a long lasting durable ceramic shaft.  The controller also features a 10 minute pause mode which can be activated during coral feeding periods.  This feature prevents the skimmer from prematurely removing liquid coral foods from the system.
All components used in the Orphek Helix Protein Skimmer have been designed to work seamlessly and smoothly with each other.  Our skimmer will outperform any other skimmer in its price range.  Experience the results of the Orphek Helix Protein Skimmer for yourself and the results will be a cleaner and nutrient free aquarium.
  • High speed DC controllable pump moves more water more efficiently.
  • Helix needle wheel design produces very small micro bubbles.
  • Three piece skimmer body makes cleaning simplified.
  • White components dictate the same purity as the water the skimmer produces.
  • High efficiency low energy use.
  • IC protection in pump shuts pump down if no water flow or blocked impeller.
  • Low noise level.
  • Moves more water than conventional skimmers.
  • Long contact time for more waste removal.
  • Controllable pump allows fine tuning of skim produced giving you exactly the skim you are looking for and features a coral feeding pause mode.
  • Unique sponge filter silences water return to the sump and traps waste from returning to the sump.
  • Less heat transfer into the aquarium.
  • Tested for 1.6 years to ensure reliability.
  • Results, removes more waste than any skimmer in its class more efficiently.
  • Produces nutrient free water, ideal for excellent coral growth and health.
  • Reduces nuisance algae growth.
Size:  300 x 250 x 520mm (11.8 x 9.8 x 20 inches)
Reaction Chamber Diameter:  220mm
Outlet Diameter:  40mm PVC
Maximum Air Intake:  1200 L/H
Installation Method:  Internal/Sump

DC-3000 Controllable – 25 watts at full power.
Maximum head pressure – 3 meters
Energy efficient, up to 65% savings over conventional pumps
IC electronic shut down protection against no water or blocked impeller
Tough ceramic shaft decreases shaft wear significantly

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ultra Pellet Carbon - 1000ml - Compared to ROx

New high quality Ultra Pellet Carbon now available.  We have been testing this Ultra Pellet Carbon in our livestock department. Tested with fish only, inverts and corals and has performed really well. It's super clean, you barely get any dust unlike other carbons and the composition is very similar to ROX. The pellet size is slightly larger.  So you can get one of the highest purity carbons available for less money then the other brands. 

This ultra grade pellet carbon is a special high quality activated carbon with a diameter of 1mm made from selected grades of lignite and bituminous coal combined with steam activation and washing. The small size and high porosity of this activated carbon is especially effective at removing trace organic compounds and inorganic impurities from water in fine chemicals and industrial process applications.
• Excellent adsorption capacity with extremely high surface area
• Steam activated produced to the highest quality and purity
• Superior pore size and matrix capable of absorbing a wide range of organic molecule and particle sizes
• High mechanical strength with negligible loss in backwashing and reactivation
• Prewashed and processed to have very low dust content
• Packaged in one pound bag
• Complied to FDA requirement
• Ideal for use in both saltwater and freshwater

Dosing Recommendations:
We recommend utilizing this ultra carbon in a media reactor for best results, but it may also be used in a filter bag with proper maintenance.
150ml of Ultra Carbon per 100 gallons of water.
Specifications:Ultra Pellet CarbonOther Premium Carbon
Total Surface Area (m2/g)13201225
Iodine Number (mg/g):>1000>1000
Molasses Number (US):>430NA
Methylene Blue Absorption (g/100g):2424
Ball-Pen Hardness:>95>97
Particle Size:1mm.6mm
Food Chemicals Codex:PASSPASS
Moisture (AS PACKED):<2%<5%

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Neptune DŌS - Fluid Metering System

DOS Meter System

To Preorder - call us at 317-895-9005 or send us an email to sales@premiumaquatics.com
A multi-purpose dosing and fluid delivery system of uncompromising quality combined with the simplicity of Apex Fusion software wizards for operations such as:
  • 2-part dosing (Calcium and Alkalinity)
  • Other additives dosing
  • Automatic water changes
  • micro-quantity dosing
  • delivery of liquid foods and supplements
So, here’s what the DŌS can do

The DŌS is a multi-purpose Dosing and Fluid Metering System. The DŌS connects to any Apex via its AquaBus connection.  The true versatility and functionality of the DŌS comes to life via the software wizards built into Apex Fusion.  This takes dosing to a whole new level in terms of ease of use as well as functionality when compared to standalone dosing systems because the DŌS is part of your Apex ecosystem. Not only can you integrate it into other operations and devices you have configured, but we also will be continuing to expand on its capabilities as time goes on via software updates to Apex Fusion.

2-part dosing made easy

The #1 reason people purchase a dosing system for their aquariums is for consistent and easy dosing of 2-part solutions (calcium and alkalinity) to their reef tanks. The DŌS wizards in Apex Fusion take this to the next level by integrating a feedback loop from your water testing to make suggestions to fine tune the amount you dose each day. Simply put in your tank size and after a few days of entering testing results, it will help you refine your dosing amounts for the demand of your particular aquarium.  No more guessing. No more fooling with the timings.

Water changes – the never ending chore of an aquarium
Hate doing water changes? – everyone does – so they never get done as often as they should. Not only that, water changes are disruptive to the stability of your system since all of that change is happening at once.

With the DŌS all you do is place your empty vessel and your fresh stock of saltwater under your stand. Then, with the Apex Fusion wizard just tell it amount of water you want to change over what length of time and the hours of the day you want it to happen and it figures it all out for you.  It will perform an automatic, continuous water change for you. It gets better. If you have our dual optical water sensing accessory Apex Fusion will send you an email or text message letting you know it is time to change out the jugs.  Less time pumping, siphoning, and sloshing water and more time enjoying a great aquarium.

Micro-dosing of elements

If you need to dose tiny amounts of a particular solution, element or other fluid (like vodka dosing or Zeovit systems), the DŌS is the perfect solution due to its precision controlled stepper motor. This ability to control pump movement in such a refined manner means that you can dose all the way down to a single drop of fluid at a time!

When it comes to dosing, it all starts with the peristaltic pump
First, lets talk about the pump hardware. Be aware that not all dosing pumps are built alike. Well, lets clarify that. Almost all OTHER dosing pumps are alike – but most ALL OTHERS are very different from the DŌS.

Nearly all dosing  systems on the market today use a standard, DC brush-driven motor. Why? Because it is economical. This is the same motor you might find in your child’s toy car. We thought that was just not adequate for an aquarium where you might have thousands of dollars invested.  So, we spent over a year searching and testing pumps and motors and decided on using a pumps with industrial grade stepper motors in the DŌS – the same type of motors used in high end robotics, 3D printing, and medical equipment. So, why does it matter?

Stepper Motors Make all the Difference

With the stepper motor pumps on the DŌS, you have precise control each time you dose. And, you are guaranteed it will stay calibrated pretty much forever. On the other hand, with the standard DC motor pump found in most dosing systems, it cannot dose small quantities with ongoing accuracy and consistency. They also require ongoing calibration to account for the wear of the motor and the mechanisms. When pumps fall out of calibration, they dose either too much or too little – never a good thing considering an overdose to a tank will often be its demise.

Variable Pump Speeds

One of the great features of the stepper motors on the DŌS pumps is that they can be driven at various speeds depending on the purpose for which they are being used. For instance, dosing of vodka may require the slowest possible rotation while a water change use requires a much higher pump speed. The best part is that Apex Fusion wizards automatically select the proper speed based on the use and because of the stepper motor, accuracy is not compromised even at the higher speeds.

Gearing and Drive Mechanism

The DŌS uses a direct drive mechanism that will not slip, it will not strip, it will not grind to a halt.  On the other hand, many other peristaltic dosing pumps used for aquariums have gears that can (and do) strip. Or, worse yet, some pumps work by using the friction of rubber rollers on the smooth metal motor shaft to make the pump spin. Foreign matter like salt creep, additives, etc. often get into the drive mechanisms of these pumps and make them fail or pump unknown amounts.


The stepper-motor in the DŌS has a MTBF (mean time before failure) of 5000 hours. Other systems with brush-driven DC motor pumps have lifespans measured of just a few hundred hours of use. This means the pumps on the DŌS may have up to as much as 12x the lifespan of others.

Secure, Large Diameter Tubing Connections

Leak proof fittings are very important, not just because of the possibility of leaking fluid, but also because the leaking of air into a line would cause the pump not to meter the correct amounts.  The pumps on the DŌS have sure-fit compression fittings that are virtually leak-proof. Contrast this to other dosing systems on the market that still use dual-barbed fittings that commonly split the tubing and cause leakage of fluids or air.

Larger size tubing means that your pump does not have to work nearly as hard – or stay on for longer cycles. The most popular dosing pumps on the market use tube fittings with the tiny diameter of 1.67mm. The DŌS uses much larger tubing and fittings. In fact, at 3.33mm in diameter, the pump on the DŌS can handle 4x the flow of the most common pump style on the market (pictured).  This means that your pump (and motor) will run 1/4 the time to pump the same amount of fluid. Less run time means less wear on the pump mechanism, tubing and motor and extends your dosing pump’s life. Larger diameter fittings also eliminate clogging – a common issue when dosing various elements like Calcium, Alkalinity, or Kalkwasser on smaller tubing pumps.

Simplified Interface

Though nearly all interaction with the DŌS will be done through the graphical user interface on Apex Fusion, there still is a need simplified user interface on the DŌS itself. This is accomplished using a multicolor indicator for each pump to show its status as well a button to be used for priming the pump or for use during a calibration process.

Replacement Parts

Changing out the peristaltic pump tubing on the DŌS is a snap. Literally! All you need to do to change out the pump tubing is squeeze the pump head and remove. Then take out the tubing, replace with a new one, and snap it back on. No screws, no impossible snap on covers and no fussy loose rollers to mess with. And, because you are not changing out an entire pump head, your costs are lower as well!

AquaBus Connection to your Apex

The DŌS easily connects to your existing Apex System via an AquaBus cable.  All configuration and control of your DŌS is done through the Apex Fusion interface on your phone, tablet, or computer from at home or anywhere in the world! And, because there are two AquaBus connections, you can daisy-chain up to 10 DŌS systems together.

Accessory Port

The DŌS has an accessory port that will enable it to be connected to an upcoming optional accessories like the DDR – Dual DŌS Reservoir. This accessory has two separate 2-liter cylinders for holding your additives. It also has optical sensors at the bottom that tell the Apex when it is time to refill and it then can send you an email or text alert. Another optional accessory will be a set of two optical level sensors you can install in the water change vessel (jug/rubbermaid/brute) of your choice.

Quiet Operation

We understand that aquariums are supposed to be serene. And noisy pumps often ruin that mood. So our engineering team has taken extensive steps both in how the pump operates as well as the enclosure design to ensure that the DŌS system is one of (if not) the quietest dosing systems on the market for the fluid volumes it delivers.

Stylish Yet Functional Design

The DŌS was designed to compliment your aquarium – not just be a box that holds pumps. Its attractive enclosure has the pumps  rotated at an outward angle to allow for the tubing to be routed with no chance of kinking, even when placed on a shelf. The DŌS are also designed for stacking and they can be daisy-chained together via the AquaBus ports. Even when stacked, all tubing can be easily routed kink-free. For those that prefer a wall mount, the DŌS has easy to use slots in the back so you can attach it to a wall or to the inside of your aquarium cabinet. With the exterior design, component selection, and software functionality, the DŌS communicates how much total effort we have put into this product to raise the bar not only for dosing systems, but for premium aquarium products overall.

It doesn’t get easier than this!

In a nutshell using the DŌS is as simple as telling the Apex Fusion DŌS wizard how much fluid (in ml) you want to pump, and over what time you would like it to happen. The DŌS takes it from there and figures out what speed to run the pump and the exact amount of fluid will be dispensed over that timeframe.