Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Line of Pumps: SICCE!

The SICCE line of pumps are now available and in stock, grab yours today!

Synchronized pumps
• Synchronizes the impeller with the windings, so no dead spots
• Makes them quieter
• More efficient
• Cooler running
• Can work with all wave makers with no issues
Advanced technology
Sicce makes their products the most stable and reliable in the industry
• Makes them less expensive to run
• Prevents release of excess heat into the aquarium
• Gives customers high quality and dependable products
• Makes our products more energy efficient
• In less than one year our pumps can re-coop the extra cost in electricity savings
• Quiet running pumps!
We use a green resin to make our pumps
Green resin costs more, but can withstand up to 40 degrees higher temperature
This is above the shutoff point required by UL, so heat does not damage the pump or impeller
Consumers are demanding affordable, environmentally friendly products that meet green standards. At SICCE, we listen. Our cutting edge Synchronous Motor Technology (SMT) addresses your concerns. For decades, SICCE’s top engineers have lead the industry in developing green products that perform far beyond expectations and save money in electrical consumption. SICCE spends millions of dollars in research and development every year to develop not only new products, but to push the Power Factor and performance of our existing products. If you’re creating a reflection of nature in your aquarium or garden,
choose the pumps engineered to work with the environment. Learn more about Power Factor and how our pumps are better for the environment and pay for themselves in energy savings.

Sicce Pumps
Premium Aquatics

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SeaSwirl 1.5" & Sequence Hammerhead Hybrid Combo Package

Now available for the ultimate wave creation! Purchase this 1.5" SeaSwirl & Sequence Hammerhead/Barracuda Hybrid pump combo package and receive 15% off the retail price! At this great of a price, don't miss out on having an excellent wavemaking system in your aquarium!

SeaSwirl Specs:
The 1.5'’ Sea Swirl Model satisfies the need for an oscillating device for large aquariums to create a broad oscillating current, not linear current like our competitors at an economical price and it is very energy efficient too!

Using our customer’s request’s and needs for a higher flow product for over 4 years now, we have developed and tested the 1.5'’ SeaSwirl Model with great success.

The 1.5'’ Sea Swirl Model was designed for tanks 180 gals. and up and offers the truly smallest footprint area seen in the aquarium of only 2-1/4'’

The 1.5'’ Sea Swirl is to be used with the Low Wattage/ High Flow pumps such as ReeFlo Snapper, Dart, Barracuda and Hammerhead along with many of the Dolphin line of aquarium pumps that people use to return water to their tank. When using the 1.5'’ model it is to be hard-plumbed only!

Also, with the optional 2'’ outlet the 1.5'’ Sea Swirl will produce exceptionally wide gentle circulation.

Two units mounted in opposite corners(front/rear) in the aquarium would cover every area of the tank with ‘’swaying’‘ motion which is seen in nature. This motion is not fast like some of the products on the market, but will produce a strong ‘’wave-crashing’‘ motion then a very calm current will follow as the Sea Swirl oscillates.
As corals grow into high current areas in the aquarium if the current is Linear the corals will tend to shed tissue and possibly even perish, grow around the linear/pulsed current or stop growing all together to avoid the straight line current. Check out the Penn State video with Dr. Sanjay Joshi on our home page! Not so with oscillating current as it is always changing from strong to calm, just like the natural current pattern in the ocean.

With our 12 years in the industry producing our smaller Sea Swirl models here in United States plus the added superior repair and customer service over this time you are assured of a quality product.
To back up this statement we are giving a 2 year warranty(supplied info card must be sent in to Aquarium Currents).....One of the BEST in the Industry compared to our competitors!

Since you have a return water line into the aquarium anyway, why not oscillate it and enjoy the benefits....Nature-like current produced......Economically priced, at almost half the cost of our competition!......only 3 watts of power to operate the 1.5'’ Sea Swirl...... It IS the MOST energy efficient oscillating product on the market that flows up to 5800gph!

Very energy efficient motor----- only 3 watts
Totally NEW Design.....NO internal o-rings or seals.
Straight through 1.5'’ pipe.
360 degree adjustable schedule 80 inlet fitting
Flow rates from 3000 to 5800gph
With optional 2'’ outlet creates the broadest oscillating current in the industry!
Threaded outlet coupler.....NO more outlet nozzles coming off with extreme water pressure.
Only needs 1-1/2'’ behind tank to install.
Adjustable to your running water line by cutting the 6'’ piece of supplied black pipe or by adding a black coupler and black pipe to go deeper on closed loops.
Supplied with Black ‘’sweep’‘ 90, 45, black coupler and black male adapter for inlet.
Optional 2'’ sweep 90 with 1.5'’ black reducer bushing.
Supplied black acrylic bracket works with standard glass tank frames----Perimeter Bracing or Acrylic tank cut-out areas.
2 Year Warranty—One of the best in the industry!

Hammerhead/Barracuda Hybrid Pump Specs:
Hammerhead Flow rate: 6000GPH
Barracuda Flow rate: 4590 GPH

  • Ports are 1 1/2 in/out
  • Units are pre-wired with an 8' cord and molded 110V plug.
    The pumps have ODP motors to aid in running quietness.
    Reeflopumps can serve a wide variety of water transfer and re-circulation applications. They are designed to operate efficiently over a wide range of flows and pressures. This allows you to get exactly the flow you want.
    Draws 50% less power than comparable submersible pumps while giving more flow.
    Reeflopumps installed near areas of relaxation and entertainment generate minimal noise levels For example, the 1/4 H.P. unit has 52 dB noise level at 10'.- A normal conversation is 60 dB for reference.
    Reeflopumps are end-suction centrifugal units, designed to be placed outside the pond or water. This means no devastating 'oil slicks', no dangerous electrical situations, and no messy wading or diving to service the unit. This protects you as well as your fish!
    Motor Type
    Our motors are totally enclosed for maximum protection. Their breakthrough design provides for ultra low watt consumption, along with low temperature rise.
    Reeflopumps are manufactured in the USA of the best materials available. The motors are specially designed and custom built for long term continuous duty. Each Reeflopump is fully bench tested prior to shipping.
    Reeflopumps produce a maximum flow rate with minimal electrical consumption. The money saved from lower operating costs, can pay for the pump in a matter of months.
    Reeflopumps are industrial grade equipment. When properly installed, they provide you with years of dependable, trouble free service.

    Premium Aquatics
    SeaSwirl & Hammerhead Hybrid Combo Package
  • Monday, February 7, 2011

    New BubbleKing Cone skimmers!

    On PreOrder NOW! Bubble King Cone Skimmers estimated arrival in 4-8 weeks

    Bubble King Cone Skimmers Descriptions:
    All screws made of pure titanium, grade 2 instead of plastic
    Release clamping wedge pipe
    Eindüsungspfanne dismantled and removed
    Pot with pivoting Absorbatablauf
    Foam tube removed due to silicone seal
    Bottom of the pot is not made of boards, but from a solid PVC ring, CNC turning
    Pot with CNC turned round thread, no dripping, no salt crusts, 100% tight!
    Massive and heavy construction of the entire skimmer reduces vibration
    Floor plate with 5 piece parabolic rubber buffer from 30 Shore soft natural rubber prevents hum
    Silicone decoupling pump skimmer
    Extremely quiet Mini Red Dragon Pump, 1000 units already in the mini-series BK
    pump head with sea water-resistant titanium screws
    Pump also parabolic with rubber feet, acoustically decoupled from the floor
    Pump shaft made of special material, like titanium, absolutely unbreakable and sea water resistant
    Air-and water-efficient, adjustable
    CNC machined wheels made of solid POM-needle sticks, turned and milled
    Including ozone connection at the nozzle
    Including ozone hose and nipple directly on the wedge tube.
    Ozone can be connected directly, without additional air pump
    Original quality of Röhm Plexiglas tubes, plastic plates of German premium supplier
    Air intake hose …. with 3 mm wall thickness not bent and is sea water resistant
    High-precision fabrication, made by Royal-Exclusiv.

    Bubble King Cone Specifications:

    Model Dimensions Height Air (Adjustable) Neck Diameter Rating
    DC180 25 x 34cm
    (9.84 x 13.39in)
    400-700L 100mm
    500L (131.95G)

    27 x 37cm
    (10.63 x 14.57in)

    500-1200L 125mm
    1000L (263.90G)
    DC250 32 x 43cm
    (12.60 x 16.93in)
    800-1800L 150mm
    1500L (395.85G)

    Bubble King Cone Skimmers