Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Q&A Fish Expert on Premium Aquatics Forum!

We now have a new Question & Answer Livestock section on our online Premium Aquatics Forum. Stop by for some advice on anything livestock related and our expert will help you to the best of our ability. Whether it be as simple as what fish are best for beginners, what to feed a certain fish or coral, to fish compatibility with other fish and corals, don't hesitate to post a question!

Premium Aquatics Livestock Question & Answer Forum

Friday, November 26, 2010

Win a $2000 Vertex Gift Certificate!!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Premium Aquatics Thanksgiving Sale!

It's once again that time of year! The smell of Turkey, Sweet Potatoes, and Pumpkin Pie are in the air; we'll blame that scent and the craziness of the holidays for us losing our minds a little here at Premium Aquatics and offering our biggest sale of the year!

From now until Monday night, 11/29, save 10% off site-wide! This includes high demand items such as AquaIllumination LED modules, Ecotech Marine Vortech Pumps, Bubble King Skimmers, Neptune Controllers, and all those other goodies you've been waiting to find a deal on! Not enough? We are also offering this sale on already clearanced and discounted items, NO PRODUCTS ARE EXCLUDED FROM THIS SPECIAL! Use Coupon Code TURKEY2010 when checking out.


Monday, November 22, 2010


Premium Aquatics
"Black Friday & Saturday"
Local Walk-In sale is almost here!

Premium Aquatics has stocked up the warehouse with drygoods, and the tanks are overflowing with livestock! New Australian and Indonesian coral shipments are in, as well as a big Indo-Pacific fish shipment! Please note the special Friday hours below.

- 10% Off All Drygoods!
- 20% Off All Coral & Fish!
- Deep discounts on select Inverts (Astreas $.50/ea, Blue Legs $.50, Marg's $.50/ea, and more!)
- Aquacultured Live Sand $.50/lb
- Door Buster deals on select drygoods!
.....and MUCH MORE!

11/26 Friday Hours: 12:00pm - 4:00pm
11/27 Saturday Hours: 12:00pm - 3:00pm

This is the mega sale that you do not want to miss! Be sure to stop by to see the specials!

Premium Aquatics
6050 E Hanna Ave Building #4
Indianapolis, IN 46203
Click here for a MAP of our location

Friday, November 12, 2010

Wavepoint T5 Lamp BLOWOUT SALE!

Don't miss your chance to pick up some super cheap T5 lamps. These Wavepoint T5s are on a blowout sale at 50% off their regular price. Give us a call or go online to get your fill on the wavepoint T5s. We can fit up to 6 T5 lamps of the same length in one shipping box, so take advantage of this deal and get as many as you can while supplies last.

-Higher Lumen per Watt Ratio
-Optimum Color Rendition
-Low Operating Temperature

Trigger Systems Skimmer Sale!

We are offering for a short time, either of these Trigger System skimmers for 15% off their original price! Call or visit or site and order your Trigger System Bursa or Titan skimmer today! Hurry now while supplies last on these Trigger Skimmers, sale ends November 21st, 2010.

Trigger System Skimmers:
  • Footprint sensitive with pump mounted underneath
  • Low profile water level adjusting valve
  • Rubber feet to reduce vibration/noise
  • Waste air recirculating: takes some of the smelly/humid air that leaves the skimmer and puts it back into the skimmer, cap provided if not used
  • Air silencer to reduce air intake hissing noise
  • Drain fitting on collection cup, cap provided if not used
  • Ozone input - cap provided if not used, can be used for other filters where output is desired to be aerated or put into protein skimmer
  • Water flow under skimmer is not restricted - better flow through sump
  • Bubble turbulence reducing chamber

Trigger Systems Bursa Skimmer Specs:
  • Height: 23.5"
  • Footprint: 8.95" x 11.27"

  • Recommended Water Level: 7-11"
  • Maximum Aquarium Size: 300 gallons
  • Power Consumption: 23 watts
  • Air Intake: 1000 lph
  • Footprint sensitive with pump mounted underneath
  • Height: 24"
  • Footprint: 10.3" x 12.5"

  • Recommended Water Level: 7-11"
  • Maximum Aquarium Size: 450 gallons
  • Power Consumption: 46 watts
  • Air Intake: 2000 lph

Thursday, November 11, 2010

PFO Plug-N-Play Lighting Kits Available!

Now available in our clearance section are some PFO Plug-N-Play Metal Halide Lighting Kits that will have pretty much everything you need to start lighting your aquarium at an amazing price! More PFO Metal Halide lighting kits will becoming available as the next week comes, so keep an eye out on our clearance section to get one of these kits. They will be loaded with the ballast, pendant(s), and lamps. And on top of that, these PFO Metal Halide lighting kit(s) may come with hanging kit(s) and and LED light(s) for the mogul sockets. Check the description for specifics of what is included in the Metal Halide Lighting Kit. At these prices, they would be excellent to have around for backup lighting in case of a issues with your current lighting fixture. These PFO metal halide lighting kits will be sold 'AS IS,' although we gurantee they will work out of the box. Don't miss out on this perfect opportunity to snatch these classics up!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Livestock IS ONLINE!

We now have some of our WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) corals in-house ONLINE! You can now check out the WYSIWYG corals section and add the corals to your cart instead of having to call in to check on corals and order. We hope to be able to keep our WYSIWYG corals updated on a constant basis and continually be bringing in new corals to the WYSIWYG Corals section. So check out the awesome corals in the WYSIWYG section and get your corals for less than most of the other online livestock vendors.

W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G Corals

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Golden Pygmy Angel In Stock!

We have had this beautiful Gold Pygmy Angel in our system for about 2 weeks now. Here is a short video of the Golden pygmy Angel. Listed at $115.00, this Golden Pygmy Angel would make an excellent addition and splash of color to the tank! Give us a call today at 317-895-9005 to order him before anyone else does.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Aquaillumination LEDs IN STOCK NOW!

AquaIllumination LEDs are in stock NOW!
No more waiting on these excellent and sleek fixtures, we have both the Aquaillumination Sol Blues and Whites available for shipout immediately!
Call us today at 317-895-9005 to get yours!

Reduced Energy
The Aquaillumination modules are some of the most efficient lighting products on the market. Because of the lower energy consumption, an AI module will realize over a 1/3 savings when compared to the equivalent us of a low output metal halide (250W) bulb.

No Heat Increase
The Aquaillumination shows less than a 1 degree water temperature increase over a 12 hour period. A low output metal halide (250W) bulb in the same configuration shows an increase of over 15 degrees. Because of this, it is unlikely that aquarists will have to use chillers when running AI modules resulting in substantial savings from equipment purchases and energy consumption.

8 Times Longer Life
The Aquaillumination's modules are rated for over 50,000 hours providing for years of maintenance free and environmentally friendly use. Metal Halides require costly annual replacements due to deteriorating output and unpredictable color drift.

Built in the USA
Every Aquaillumination product is made with high quality components. We assemble each unit at the AI headquarters and have been doing so since 2007. We test all critical components in-house including a PAR output, heat output, and electricity consumption test after a 24 hour burn in period for each module to ensure that each AI module is of the highest quality.
Licensed under U.S. Patent Nos. 7,200,018 B2 and 7,473,008 B2.

Your needs as an aquarist can change, and the AquaIllumination™ system is designed to change with you. Our modular design allows you to order upgrade packages as your needs evolve. Whether it's to increase the length of your system or to get the latest in LED technology, our modular approach allows you to upgrade without losing your current investment.

LED light system complete with external controller, mounting rails/legs, external power supply and active cooling system. Each 12" section on the Sol Blue consists of 24 LED lamps grouped into a bank of 8 lenses or pods each containing one 6500K Daylight LED lamps, one Blue LED, and one Royal Blue LED lamp. The XP-E's do an incredible job of covering the 450-465 nm range, while still producing comparable PAR values to our AI Sol White. Power Consumption: up to 72W per 12". Warranty: 2 Year. (1 Year on Power Supply.)

1. Intensity is adjustable from 1 to 100%.
2. Color is adjustable from warm white (approximately 6500K) to deep blue (greater than 20000K).
3. Two control settings: Automatic and Manual. In Automatic Mode the sun rises and falls at pre-determined times and the fixture automatically transitions into the corresponding moon cycle for the duration of the 24-hour period. In Manual Mode the light may be set to the desired intensity and color and turned on-off manually.
4. Moon intensity automatically adjusts to follow the actual lunar cycle of ~29 day.
5. Fixture is sealed keeping salt, moisture, dust and dirt away from LED lamps and other internal components. Fixture is cooled by blowing air across heat sinks located above each bank of LED lamps.
6. 100V - 240V Universal Power Supply allows fixture to be used on a wide variety of power sources.
7. Seamless integration with GHL ProFiLux Controllers.

1. Superior Performance - Capable of producing as much light as a 400W metal halide system.
2. Save Energy - Up to 50% versus comparable metal halide system.
3. Low Heat - Generates a fraction of the heat of a comparable metal halide system.
4. Long Lamp Life - Up to 10 years.
5. Multi-Functional - Sunrise, daylight, sunset and lunar light cycles all included.
6. Upgradeable - Modular design allows end user to increase the length of the fixture or to install the latest in LED lamp technology.
All aquaillumination units are burned in for at least 24 hours for testing prior to shipping and are assembled in the US.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2010 LMAS Frag Swap

Premium Aquatics will be at the 2010 LMAS Frag Swap, so stop by and say hello and check us out. Here is the date,time, location, and more information about the swap can be found at www.LMAS.org.

2010 Frag Swap
Saturday Nov. 6 2010

American Legion
217 West Court Ave
Jeffersonville, IN 47130-3529

Addmission $5 at the Door