Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Platinum Clowns In Stock!!

We've just received two beautiful tank raised Platinum Clowns in stock. They are priced at $250 each, or both for $425. Here is a short video of the two Platinum Clowns, enjoy! Give us a call at 317-895-9005 to order these!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Slim Skims Are Coming!

For all of you Nano and Mini Reefers out there, the answer to your skimming problems is here.

The Hydor Slim Skim is the first in a new line of internal skimmers featuring an innovative and high performance design that is easy to install. The small footprint enables it to fit in places other skimmers cannot.

The Slim Skim is made from high quality parts and can be completely disassembled for easy cleaning and repair. The skimmer is powered by the Hydor Bubble Maker, drawing a mere 5 watts of power, producing millions of fine bubbles resulting in beautiful skimmate formation. Air is pulled into the skimmer by the Bubble Maker and venturi impeller, eliminating the need for a large, noisy air pump. The Slim Skim also features an adjustable cup and air valve to help fine tune the skimmers production. Unlike most skimmers, the Slim Skim features a special grid intake designed to enable the skimmer to remove the nasty film that can reside on the surface of a saltwater aquarium.

The Slim Skim should be arriving in a couple weeks, while the "little brother" of the Slim Skim, the Slim Skim Nano should be available mid November.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Aquarium Currents Sea Swirl 1.5 inch

Limited stock expected November 2010, so get your preorder in now to be one of the first to receive this 1.5" SeaSwirl (shipped in order entered/received)!!

The 1.5'’ Sea Swirl Model satisfies the need for an oscillating device for large aquariums to create a broad oscillating current, not linear current like our competitors at an economical price and it is very energy efficient too!

Using our customer’s request’s and needs for a higher flow product for over 4 years now, we have developed and tested the
1.5'’ Sea Swirl SS Model with great success.

The 1.5'’ Model was designed for tanks 180 gals. and up and offers the truly smallest footprint area seen in the aquarium of only 2-1/4'’

The 1.5'’ Sea Swirl is to be used with the Low Wattage/ High Flow pumps such as ReeFlo Snapper, Dart, Barracuda and Hammerhead along with many of the Dolphin line of aquarium pumps that people use to return water to their tank. When using the 1.5'’ model it is to be hard-plumbed only!

Also, with the optional 2'’ outlet the 1.5'’ Sea Swirl will produce exceptionally wide gentle circulation.

Two units mounted in opposite corners(front/rear) in the aquarium would cover every area of the tank with ‘’swaying’‘ motion which is seen in nature. This motion is not fast like some of the products on the market, but will produce a strong ‘’wave-crashing’‘ motion then a very calm current will follow as the Sea Swirl oscillates.
As corals grow into high current areas in the aquarium if the current is Linear the corals will tend to shed tissue and possibly even perish, grow around the linear/pulsed current or stop growing all together to avoid the straight line current. Check out the Penn State video with Dr. Sanjay Joshi on our home page! Not so with oscillating current as it is always changing from strong to calm, just like the natural current pattern in the ocean.

With our 12 years in the industry producing our smaller Sea Swirl models here in United States plus the added superior repair and customer service over this time you are assured of a quality product.
To back up this statement we are giving a 2 year warranty(supplied info card must be sent in to Aquarium Currents).....One of the BEST in the Industry compared to our competitors!

Since you have a return water line into the aquarium anyway, why not oscillate it and enjoy the benefits....Nature-like current produced......Economically priced, at almost half the cost of our competition!......only 3 watts of power to operate the 1.5'’ Sea Swirl...... It IS the MOST energy efficient oscillating product on the market that flows up to 5800gph!

Very energy efficient motor----- only 3 watts
Totally NEW Design.....NO internal o-rings or seals.
Straight through 1.5'’ pipe.
360 degree adjustable schedule 80 inlet fitting
Flow rates from 3000 to 5800gph
With optional 2'’ outlet creates the broadest oscillating current in the industry!
Threaded outlet coupler.....NO more outlet nozzles coming off with extreme water pressure.
Only needs 1-1/2'’ behind tank to install.
Adjustable to your running water line by cutting the 6'’ piece of supplied black pipe or by adding a black coupler and black pipe to go deeper on closed loops.
Supplied with Black ‘’sweep’‘ 90, 45, black coupler and black male adapter for inlet.
Optional 2'’ sweep 90 with 1.5'’ black reducer bushing.
Supplied black acrylic bracket works with standard glass tank frames----Perimeter Bracing or Acrylic tank cut-out areas.
2 Year Warranty—One of the best in the industry!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Premium Accudoser II Peristaltic Doser Pump

Model PA-AD

A User’s Review

By Jim Dantin

Another doser pump is on the market. Premium Aquatics of Indianapolis, IN has entered the market with a private-labeled peristaltic pump that is designed specifically for feeding additives to your system. This pump looks quite similar to the “Drews Doser” that is sold (but perennially out of stock!) by Bulk Reef Supply. It is designed to connect to standard airline tubing as a simple and inexpensive way of feeding liquids between supply containers and your system.

There are many peristaltic style pumps on the market for aquarium use. The design has been a standard in the industrial and medical fields for many years. Because of the design, chemicals never make contact with the pump itself – the peristaltic motion squeezes a piece of tubing to force measured doses of liquid to flow through the system. Depending on the composition of the tubing you can feed chemicals that would otherwise cause buildups or damage to conventional pumps.

You can easily change the tubing as needed to prevent cross-contamination – for example allowing you to use the same pump for dosing of medicine into a hospital tank without danger of contaminating your display tank. All you have to do is swap out the tubing set – much like what happens in a hospital when they change medicines or patients.

Some of the previously-sold pumps left a bit to be desired for the aquarist. The pump design should provide a smooth pumping motion and prevent back-flow or siphoning. This new pump has four stainless steel rollers – a substantial improvement over other pumps’ two or three roller designs. This pump does require removing two screws to change the tube – a bit less convenient than some other designs, but needed to control the forces exerted by the 4-roller design.

I have used the Aqua Medic pump for years. It has two plastic rollers on a thin plastic frame. I have experienced cracked frames, and wear in the roller pivots. The new pump is a much more solid design that should give far less problems with use.

With the Aqua Medic pump, I had to install small one-way valves in the water feed line or the pump would lose its prime and not work consistently. The new pump shows no inclination to backflow or lose its prime. It successfully pulled water out of a supply container into a dry feed line – my Aqua Medic could never accomplish that – I always had to pre-fill the feed lines before the Aqua Medic would pump!

This pump can also control the feed of liquid from a supply that is located above the pump – with other pump designs, you would risk a continuous siphon of liquid when the pump was not running and a roller was not pinching off the feed tube completely – the 4-roller design eliminates that risk. Note, however, that it is not intended to be directly connected to a pressurized water source such as the output of your RO/DI system.

One “feature” of the pump that may seem strange is its low feed rate. It is rated at 1.5 mL per minute. That is a very slow feed rate that you can observe as drops rather than a stream. This prevents use of the pump for makeup water – but that’s not what it is sold for. The pumping rate is very constant.

I tested the pump by measuring the output into a lab-grade graduated cylinder. After 20 minutes of pumping, I had exactly 32 mL of water – a rate of 1.6 mL per minute. This is a bit more than the advertised 1.5 mL feed rate, but well within what one would expect in a consumer-grade product. You should run a similar test before using the pump for any sort of critical dosing use.

Because of the slow feed rate, you can easily control how much chemical you dose into your system by using the pump with the inexpensive timers that are found in home supply or discount stores. These timers typically have on/off cycles that can’t be shorter than 10 or 20 minutes. This would be a serious problem with a higher flow rate pump – but not this one.

It is a simple calculation to divide the amount of additive by 1.5 to get the minutes of pumping time. If you want to dose 120 mL of additive a day, set your timer for 120/1.5 or 80 minutes – this could be spread out to eight periods of 10 minutes each or four periods of 20 minutes if you want an even more steady dose.

The design of the pump also provides a very high head pressure that allows accurate pumping many feet above the pump’s location. The pump is rated by the manufacturer for a 25’ head – I was not able to test this extreme lift, but it should easily handle pumping from a basement utility area up to a first floor display tank should you need to! On a more normal application, this means the pump’s feed rate would be relatively immune to locating the pump above or below your sump or display tank.

Overall, I am quite pleased with the pumps and can see using them for many applications in my setup. Premium Aquatics stocks both the pumps and replacement tubing kits.

Azoo Fluorescent Glass Animals

The cute glass animals have fluorescent material that glow after they have been subjected to a light source for a few minutes. They are created from a glass and synthetic material. It is completely non-toxic and safe for all aquariums.
- 6 assorted color per box.
Product Dimensions:
- 1.5" L x 1.5" H x 1.5" H.

Azoo - Snail - Fluorescent Glass Animals - set of 6
Azoo - Turtle - Fluorescent Glass Animals - set of 6
Azoo - Penguin - Fluorescent Glass Animals - set of 6

Azoo - Fish - Fluorescent Glass Animals - set of 6
Azoo - Octopus - Fluorescent Glass Animals - set of 6

Azoo - Blowfish - Fluorescent Glass Animals - set of 6
Azoo - Whale - Fluorescent Glass Animals - set of 6

Azoo - Crab - Fluorescent Glass Animals - set of 6

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hydor Magi-Klean Pump & Accessory Cleaner 3/pk

Magi-Klean Pump and Accessory Cleaner

Magi-Klean is a powdered form of phosphonic acid, which can be used to safely remove calcium and lime deposits from your aquarium equipment. Simply add a packet of Magi-Klean to a container of water and place your dirty, calcium encrusted equipment into the solution. Magi-Klean is not to be used inside the aquarium. Allow the equipment to soak for up to 24 hours. You can enlist the aid of a firm bristle brush to remove the most stubborn build-up. Rinse the cleaned equipment thoroughly before reinstalling it into your aquarium.

Magi-Klean takes advantage of the fact that calcium and other build-up commonly found on aquarium equipment can be broken down by acidic solutions. Typically, aquarists have had to turn to relatively weak acids such as vinegar and citric acid to clean equipment. Such solutions require long soaks and intense scrubbing with less than desirable results. The obvious solution is to use a stronger acid like Muriatic. The problem though is that really strong acids are dangerous and difficult to use safely. It is stronger than the traditional choices, allowing you to clean equipment more easily and in less time yet, it is safe for use by the home aquarist. The phosphonic acid used in Magi-Klean is the perfect solution.

Each box of Magi-Klean will contain three treatment packets
Premium Aquatics, Inc