Wednesday, December 16, 2009

AquaticLIFE Dual-Lamp T5 HO Light Fixtures

Dual-Lamp T5 HO Light Fixtures

Link Up to Three Fixtures Together to Form a 4-Lamp or 6-Lamp Fixture!

Electronic Ballast built into Fixture makes installation easy

Included Tank Frame Mounts hold Fixture securely on top of the aquarium
Anodized matte finish provides visual appeal and years of life.
Optional Suspension Kit sold separate.

T5 High Output Light Fixture
T5 High Output Lamps (10,000 K Lamp & 420/460 Lamp)
Aquarium Frame Mounts (Qty. 4)
Hardware to connect multiple Fixtures together
Installation & Maintenance Guide on disc

Thursday, December 10, 2009

IceCap's LED Array - coming Dec 2009

Now accepting Pre-Orders for IceCap's NEW 470 nm Blue LED’s Array Retro kits.

The LED tubes have the same look of a standard T5 tube, but they are powered by a low voltage transformer, not a fluorescent ballast. The T5 form provides a very even spread of the light over the entire aquarium. Encasing the LED's inside a T5-style tube protects them and their circuit boards from the harsh, salty, humid environment that is your normal saltwater aquarium. The IceCap LED arrays also have an aluminum heat sink on the backside of the tube to dissipate what little heat they generate. These two unique features to their LED arrays protect them from the elements (salt, humidity, and heat) that destroyed other brands of LED’s.

Wait till you see what they do for your corals!

LED’s boast low energy consumption and a long life span, but Icecap knows the reason you'll want them is what they will do to the appearance of the corals. They are designed to excite the green fluorescing proteins in corals. They particularly bring out yellows, oranges, reds, and greens. If you think your corals look good under actinics, you haven't seen anything yet! Mushrooms, zoanthids, Ricordea, and most any fleshly large polyp stony corals look amazing under the LED's. This immediate and stunning glow is guaranteed to wow anyone who views your tank during the “twilight” hours and they will continue to cause fluorescence when all the lights are on.

The LED retrofits ship with mounting clips to secure the LED tubes to a canopy, commercial hood or existing fixture. The weight should not be an issue because the 2-foot unit is only 4 oz. Power connection to the LED array is a power tail with a quick connect to a low voltage power supply, no hand wiring required.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Now Taking Pre-orders for Sunlight's Tek-ELITE T5 Hoods

• 98% reflective European aluminum reflectors increase output by over 300%
• Active air cooling for optimum lamp performance
• Includes acrylic shield
• Aluminum body is lightweight
• Powder coated with graphite color that is heavy duty and rust proof
• Accommodates ultra efficient, high output T5 lamps (sold separately)
• Sleek profile only 2.5 inches high
• 2 power switches and cords for better lighting control – allows independent use of timers
• Cool operation and NO noise
• Two 8 ft power cords - 120 volt
• Compatible with both of our cable hanging kits (sold separately)

Fabricated and assembled in the USA with US and globally sourced parts
36" 6x39W Tek Light Elite T5 High-Output Fixture -Graphite
48" 4x54W Tek Light Elite T5 High-Output Fixture -Graphite
48" 6x54W Tek Light Elite T5 High-Output Fixture -Graphite
48" 8x54W Tek Light Elite T5 High-Output Fixture -Graphite
Tek-Light Elite Tank Bracket Kit

Thursday, December 3, 2009

ESV B­Ionic Seawater System - a truly unique salt mix

A unique solution to many of the problems associated with all dry synthetic seawater blends.

All dry blends may not be homogenous resulting in considerable chemical variations not only from batch to batch but also from within the same container. Aggravating this further, humidity contamination during storage can result in localized precipitation reactions.

B-Ionic Seawater System avoids these problems by providing the two dominant salts in our formulation in separate containers. All other major, minor, and trace elements are pre-dissolved in a highly concentrated two component liquid system. These dry and liquid components can easily be measured for any size batch of synthetic seawater.

It is now recognized that most reagent grade salts can contain contaminants (trace metals, etc.) at levels which may inhibit the growth of some algae species from low nutrient environments (oligotrophic) such as coral reefs.

B-Ionic Seawater System addresses this issue by providing ultra-low heavy metal Sodium Chloride (max. allowable less than half max. allowable for reagent grade sodium chloride) and USP grade Magnesium Sulfate as the dry components of the system. In addition, all other chemicals pre-dissolved in our liquid components are subject to our three phase purification process resulting in significant lowering of contaminants, including phosphate.

Many all dry blends take excessive time to completely dissolve. Addition of newly mixed batches to the aquarium can cause irritation to inhabitants upon exposure to non-dissolved salt micro-particles.

B-Ionic Seawater System avoids this problem by providing all of the slower dissolving ingredients in a pre-dissolved solution form. Batches can be used within 10 minutes of preparation with no adverse effects providing initial RO and/or DI water contains sufficient dissolved oxygen.

B-IONIC SEAWATER PARAMETERS (@ 34 ppt salinity):
450 ppm Calcium • 3.25 meq/L Alkalinity • 1400 ppm Magnesium Formulated, Manufactured and Packaged at ESV's facility in the USA.

B­Ionic Seawater System 50 gal. unit

B­Ionic Seawater System 200 gal. unit

Warner Marine H-series - Hang-On Protein Skimmers

Warner brings in 2 really nice quality hang-on skimmers to the market. They use Sedra pumps with a pinwheel and made of heavy duty cast acrylic.
Warner Marine H1 - Hang-On Protein Skimmer 40gal
Warner Marine H2 - Hang-On Protein Skimmer 80gal

New HBH Balance Blocks

Balance Blocks™ and Balance Brick™ help to stabilize pH levels of salt water and reef aquariums to match those of the ocean. Balance Blocks slowly dissolve, releasing calcium and 71 vital trace minerals for use by fish and other organisms present in reef aquariums.
HBH Balance Blocks - 2 pk
HBH Balance Blocks - 15 pk
HBH Balance Block Brick

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Premium German 1-2 Glue

Premium Aquatics exclusive 1-2 Silicone Glue.

Made in Germany. This is a high quality 2 part glue. Just knead together approx 20 seconds, other 60 seconds to work it on the area needing glue, then another 60 seconds to SET and HOLD. This product will be almost rock solid basically in 2 minutes. So plan your work before you start kneading.

component A: (grey) platinum (#CAS-#Nr.: 7440- 06-4): 0,004%
component B: (orange) #Polymethylhydrogensiloxane: 1,2%

The product is 100% stable and can be stored indefinitely at room temperature. It is non-water soluble and non bio degradable with a flash point of over 400 Celsius.

Use as directed. Latex gloves recommended.
After contact with the skin with, wash hands with soap and water.
If accidental contacts with eyes, immediately rinse eyes with clean water. Call doctor is symptoms worsen.
Do not eat or swallow product.

Python - No Spill Clean and Fill

Smaller, more frequent water changes are imperative to the health of your fish. Without regular water changes, invisible toxins can build-up in your aquarium creating a hazardous environment for its inhabitants. Because fish and decor are not disturbed during routine aquarium maintenance, python products are less stressful on both fish and owner making it easier to clean your tank on a more regular basis.

Just think - you will be able to perform your mandatory aquarium FRESHWATER maintenance with NO buckets, NO siphons, NO mess, NO tank tear downs - EVER again!

Python takes all steps necessary to ensure their products are manufactured of only of the highest quality FDA approved materials. Unlike garden hoses and cheap imitations, their patented system consists of UV stabilized, non-porous tubing which eliminates the possibility of adding dangerous chemical toxins into your tank water.
Environmentally Responsible! Due to their powerful 7 to 1 suction ratio, cleaning your tank uses about the same amount of water as flushing your toilet
No Assembly! The "NO SPILL CLEAN and FILL" © Aquarium Maintenance System is complete and ready to use.
Time Saving! Ease of using the System allows for smaller, more frequent water changes reducing stress on fish and user!
Python - No Spill Clean and Fill - 25 ft (7.5m)
Python - No Spill Clean and Fill - 50 ft (15m)
Python - No Spill Clean and Fill Hose Extension 10 ft (3m)
Python - No Spill Clean and Fill Hose Extension 20ft (3m)
Python Porter Accessory
Python - Cleaning Product - Algae Mitt
Python - Cleaning Product - RYDYT 1