Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Maggie Muffler - Overflow Standpipe Silencer

Frustrated with the annoying noise as water flows into your aquarium standpipe?
Attempts have been made to solve this problem. Such as, PVC silencers which can be time consuming, messy and difficult to assemble and remove.

The "Maggie Muffler" is a quick and EASY solution to this annoying problem.

The "Maggie Muffler" is like no other silencer on the market. Our innovative patent pending design makes this the easiest and most effective silencer of the 20th Century!
- No cutting or gluing
- Can be installed in less than 30 seconds
- Easily removed for cleaning
- Innovative grid prevents snails from clogging standpipe
- Standard "Maggie Muffler" fits 1 1/2 inch standpipes

Mini Maggie Muffler for Nano Overflows $9.79

Maggie Muffler Quiet Overflow 1.5" .$18.99

Maggie Muffler Quiet Overflow 1" $18.99  

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Maxspect Razor 16K LED Fixture

Slim & Elegant- Built with a slim and low profile body, the R420R LED Lighting System is design to seamlessly merge into your living area with elegance. The R420R comes with both tank-top mounting frame and suspension mount. Combination rails for multiple unit mounting available soon.

Aerodynamic Design- The R420R Lighting system deploys an ingenious aerodynamic design which draws cool air from underneath the fixture, through its body which also serves as a large heat sink, to dissipate heat passively.
Redefined Efficiency- The R420R LED Lighting System redefines the term efficiency, utilizing highly efficient high intensity LED chips from Cree, drawing 120w or 160w of power depending on the model.

Maxspect 20.5" Razor 120w 16K LED Fixture ...more info.
Price: $399.99

Maxspect 27" Razor 160w 16K LED Fixture ...more info.
Price: $489.99 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Hydor Koralia Evolution Pumps on SALE

Koralia Evolution is an improved Koralia with higher flow and lower power consumption than traditional Koralia. The Koralia Evolution may be used on wave timers. The Koralia Evolution incorporates a re-designed shaft-less impeller system for wide and gentle water flow.

Sale prices effective now until August 31st, 2012.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Reeflo Blowhole Pump Sale

Blowhole Pump Sale, sale prices valid until October 31st.
Three unique features
3-Speed Adjustable Flow switch
The BlowHole TM pumps by ReeFlo feature a unique 3-speed AdjustaFlow switch that allows you to instantly choose flow rates, pressure and watt draw from three different settings. Cut the flow and watt draw in half during the night or at feeding time and then instantly switch back when desired. Very low heat transfer The BlowHole TM pumps feature a FlowThru design that prevents the water from picking up motor heat while churning inside the pump head. The BlowHole TM uses an aluminum cast motor which dissipates heat before it can reach the water. Nearly Silent Operation The BlowHole TM pumps employ graphite motor bearings to ensure the quietest operation. You will have to put your ear near it to hear it.

Blowhole BH 850 High Water Pump...more info.
Orig. price: $149.99
SALE PRICE: $129.89
You Save: $20.10

Blowhole BH 1100 High Water Pump...more info.
Orig. price: $174.99
SALE PRICE: $149.97
You Save: $25.02

Blowhole BH 1450 High Water Pump...more info.
Orig. price: $199.99
SALE PRICE: $179.99
You Save: $20.00

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ecoxotic Panorama Marine LED

The Panorama Marine is not just another aquarium lighting fixture, it’s an eco-friendly, LED lighting solution uniquely designed to transform your aquarium into visual inspiration. Gone are the days of unsightly, heavy light fixtures, annual lamp replacements and noisy fans. Prepare for intense shimmer, amazing color and endless mood setting possibilities.

Ecoxotic 24" Panorama Marine LED...more info.$198.55
Ecoxotic 24" Panorama Actinic Blue LED...more info.$189.05
Ecoxotic 36" Panorama Marine LED...more info.$246.05
Ecoxotic 36" Panorama Actinic Blue LED...more info.$236.55
Ecoxotic 48" Panorama Marine LED...more info.$293.55
Ecoxotic 48" Panorama Actinic Blue LED...more info.$284.05

Two Little Fishes Bulk Seaweed

For those of you that just love Seaweed, we are now carrying Two Little Fishes SeaVeggies in a bulk size. So if you are a volume user, you can save some money buying bulk.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Salifert Potassium Reef Test Kit

Salifert Potassium Reef Test
Potassium concentration in natural seawater is approximately 400 ppm. Many aquarists have reported that a low potassium value reduces colors in corals. This can be corrected by increasing the potassium value to the normal natural concentration. Now you can accurately measure this value with the new Salifert Potassium Reef Test kits.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Aquatronica Aquarium Controllers

The Aquatronica AQUARIUM CONTROLLER SYSTEM is an easy to use electronic system, which is capable of managing all of the electric utilities, as well as monitor numerous parameters and chemical values of an aquarium; it can be used for either freshwater or salt water aquariums, or even for both at the same time.
The heart of the system is the “Control Unit”: this controls all of the interfaces which are used for reading the chemical values of an aquarium as well as all the other accessories connected to the system.
What makes the Aquarium Controller System so unique is its ability to be set up to meet any requirements the user may have. In fact, Aquatronica offers a complete range of products to create a comprehensive and versatile system; by starting with the basic components (Control Unit, Power Unit and temperature sensor) the user can expand the system with Aquatronica interfaces and accessories to meet their own particular needs.
Up to 10 power units can be connected together.

Monday, July 2, 2012

New Improved Hydor Performer External Protein Skimmers

Elegant and easy to use, the New Hydor Performer Skimmer range is built with high precision CNC machined parts made with top quality materials for versatile applications in marine and reef aquariums. The Performer is a complete skimmer package that includes a foaming pump, a venture silencer and a special drainage system.
All the joints and connection points have built in gaskets to allow for both in sump and outside sump operation without fear of leaking joints. The collection cup is easy to remove and clean.
The New Seltz foaming pump/s is equipped with a new lubrication and cooling system to improve performance and longevity. The innovative Rotormix Impeller maximizes bubble formation allowing for unmatched skimming performance.
Hydor Performer 405 External Protein Skimmer...more info. Price: $268.65
Hydor Performer 505 External Protein Skimmer...more info. Price: $309.15
Hydor Performer 705 External Protein Skimmer...more info. Price: $363.15
Hydor Performer 1005 External Protein Skimmer...more info. Price: $519.55
Hydor Performer 2005 External Protein Skimmer...more info. Price: $673.65
Hydor Performer 3005 External Protein Skimmer...more info. Price: $943.65